Mahindra Powerol Home UPS/Inverter – Pros and Cons

Mahindra Powerol is a new player in home ups/inverter market in India. Even though Mahindra has good infrastructure in other industries, the company is still a ‘new face’ in Home power back up solution industry.

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Mahindra Home Ups/inverter is doing well in some states of India. Their ‘Power backup’ products are moving well by competing with leading players like Microtek, Su-kam and Luminous.

Though the company is new, its products like Home UPS/inverters and batteries are performing remarkably well and raising its market share in power backup solution industry.

Quality wise, Mahindra’s Home UPS/inverters are good as leading company products, But service wise they need to concentrate a lot like sukam and microtek.

Mahindra Powerol Home UPS – Pros

Wide range of model available in both Pure sine wave and square wave series.

Unlike Microtek Classic inverters, Mahindra powerol inverters charge the battery even its voltage falls under 9v. Most leading brand inverters won’t charge the battery if the voltage falls under 9v.

High end pure sine wave inverters ranging from 2.5kVA, 3.5kVA & 5kVA available for power A/C’s and water heater like powerful electronic appliances.

Mahindra Powerol ‘intelli’ model inverters senses the remaining battery charge and shows approximate remaining backup time in its fron panel display.

No load shutdown. If there is no load for more than 8 hours then the inverter automatically shut down itself to save battery power. This facility is no available in most leading branded inverters.

Powerol Home UPS/inverter – Cons

Mahindra powerol Home UPS/inverters are overpriced by some fraudulent dealers during demand. The company has to take responsibility in this issue and control the price hike during demand.

As usual the warranty on Home UPS/inverter is just two years like Microtek. Mahindra should increase its inverter warranty period to at least 3 years to stand out of the crowd. Being a developing company, Mahindra should earn the people’s trust by offering something more than its competitors.

Pure sine wave Model is mostly out of stock in small towns and the dealers always try to sell the ‘eco series’ square wave model to consumers who don’t know the advantages of pure sinewave inverters. They sell square wave inverter for the price of Pure sine wave inverter and make big profit out of it. This is nothing but spoiling the company’s good will among the people.

Mahindra should ensure the supply of pure sinewave inverters to all dealers and monitor the dealers selling activity.

Mahindra didn’t reveal the details of charging current in the product specification; they simply say that their inverters charge the battery faster than other brands. This statement seems rudimentary and unclear. The consumer has the right to know the details of charging amps of inverter they buy, Mahindra should disclose it.


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