Luminous Zelio 900VA Pure Sinewave Inverter – Review

Luminous, one of the biggest manufacturers of power-backup products in India has revamped its Home Inverter models and introduced new models with some smart features to compete with other leading inverter manufacturers like Su-kam and Microtek.

luminous zelio


Inverter with Digital Display – How useful it is?

One smart feature, Luminous has introduced in its new model ‘ZELIO INVERTER’ is Smart digital display to monitor the battery charge status and most importantly the battery backup time in hours and minutes.

With this facility, we can easily manage and preplan our power backup requirements during Heavy power shedding. The inverter shows a rough estimation of remaining time of battery power while in battery mode.

As I already said, the estimation is based on the load on inverter and battery charge status. Any how we can’t expect it to be so accurate and precise. It is just a reminder to reduce the load on inverter to stretch the battery backup time during long power cuts.

Better Battery management

Luminous claims that the new ‘ZELIO Inverter’ model has been optimized to prolong the battery life with smart charging technology and advanced battery management technology.

They also claim that their new technology improves the battery life up to 70%, but we have no proof and we have no comments.

Back Panel of Luminous Zelio Inverter – An overview

Nothing New, except the battery water level sensor,

Battery water level sensor

battery level indicator

The inverter has a provision to connect a battery water level sensor to monitor and remind the user to top up the battery with distilled water whenever needed. But the sensor wire is not supplied with inverter, need to buy it separately which most users don’t 🙁


Battery charge selection switch

battery selector switch







The inverter has a battery selection switch on its back panel,

T – Means Tubular Battery

F – Means Flat Plate Normal battery

S –Means SMF battery (sealed maintenance free)

You need to select the right mode according to the type of battery you use.

Luminous Eco Volt Inverter (another new model from luminous) has four modes for battery charge selection whereas the Zelio inverter model has only three. But the fourth mode is for local battery, which is not a big deal. Let us ignore it.


ECO Mode – UPS Mode selection switch

This switch is also a very common switch which can be found in most other inverters.

Usually in other inverter, we see it as

Normal Mode – UPS mode

In this Zelio inverter, they have just renamed the normal mode into Eco mode.

If you plan to connect your desktop PC or any other equipment which need uninterrupted power supply (to avoid restart problem during power cuts), use your Zelio inverter in ‘UPS’ mode.

Otherwise, it is always safe to use it in Eco mode.

In Eco mode, your inverter charges the battery even in very low voltage.

In UPS Mode, your inverter runs in battery whenever the power supply from grid goes below 180 V or above 260 V.

Use UPS mode, only if you connect your Desktop PC (without normal computer UPS) to zelio inverter.


MCB to safeguard your Inverter and other gadgets

MCB in zelio inverter

Luminous Zelio comes with a MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) to safeguard your inverter from high current.


Most other inverters in the market have only replaceable fuses at back panel to protect it from high current and over load.

If you connect any heavy load (higher than the inverter rating) to inverter line in battery mode, MCB trips instantly to protect it from internal component damage.

You can set it back to normal position after fixing the problem that triggered the MCB to trip.

MCB protects your gadgets connected to inverter line in case of any fault in electric line or over current.

MCB is very sensitive and reliable compared to replaceable fuses.





Online Price of Luminous Zelio Inverter Pure sine wave 900 VA

    • Online Price of Luminous Zelio Pure sine wave Inverter is approximately – Rs.4850
    • Online Prices are pretty low compared to local store prices.
    • Local dealers are selling this model for Rs.5000 to 6000/-
    • It is better to buy online if your local dealer is not ready to offer you better price similar to online price.

We have compared Inverter prices from all genuine online shopping sites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart and Snapdeal and found that Snapdeal is offering Best Price for Luminous zelio pure sine wave Inverter.

Whether you buy online or from local dealers, the warranty claim should be submitted to the respective manufacturer’s service center only, so it’s safe to buy online.

Cash on Delivery option also makes the buyer feel safe and comfortable when you buy online for the first time.

To buy Luminous ZELIO pure sine wave inverter online, [thirstylink linkid=”5710″ linktext=”Visit here” class=”thirstylink” title=”Visit here”]

luminous zelio inverter online price



Luminous zelio 900 VA inverter is definitely a better choice compared to other 850 VA pure sine wave inverters without digital display.

It takes heavy loads like kitchen mixer and water pumps effortlessly, thanks to 32bit DSP microprocessor and heavy load bearing components.

Digital display is helpful but needs improvement.

At this Price Range (Rs.4500 to 4850) it’s a good buy! Don’t pay more than 5k for this.


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