Luminous Solar Battery Models Available in Market

Solar power – the Everlasting energy source has got the attention of people of India finally as the power crisis situation is worsening day by day.

Every Leading power back up solutions companies are introducing its own Solar Battery Models in Market,

Now it is Luminous Company’s turn to announce its SOLAR products to market, the big player has come up with its own line-up of Solar battery models of different VA range.


Luminous Solar Tubular Batteries – Some notable features

Tubular Design

‘C10’ discharge rating – which is way better than tubular batteries with c20 discharge rating – Gives extra-long backup.

11 Models Available – From 20ah to 200ah @ c10

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use

Good for Home and Office use

Robust design – can handle arduous situation – Perform better and consistent even under high temperature

Long life expectancy – 5 to 8 years – 1500 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge – 3 times more than normal tubular inverter batteries .

Water topping up frequency – Once per 8 months.

Luminous Solar Battery Models

Models AH volt Discharge rate
LPT 1220L 20 12 C 10
LPT 1220H 20 12 C 10
LPT 1240L 40 12 C 10
LPT 1240H 40 12 C 10
LPT 1275L 75 12 C 10
LPT 1275H 75 12 C 10
LPT 12100L 100 12 C 10
LPT 12100H 100 12 C 10
LPT 12135H 135 12 C 10
LPT 12150H 150 12 C 10
LPT 12200L 200 12 C 10

Battery model names ending with ‘H’ has got some more acid volume than models with suffix ‘L’, which means less water topping up frequency – Low maintenance.

Normally all solar batteries have C 10 rating which is better than C 20 rating.


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