Luminous New Inverter/Home UPS Models – Innovative or Old fashioned

It seems like Luminous has retired all of its old inverter models both sine wave and square wave models, and introduced new models with some improvisation in performance and look.

Luminous also removed all the information’s, manuals, specs etc. of their bestselling old inverter models from their official website.

But surprisingly most of the new models introduced are Square wave inverter models.

Let us see the list of new inverter models

List of New Inverter Models from Luminous

Luminous ION 300 VA inverter –square wave

Luminous ION 500 VA inverter – square wave

Luminous Zelio 900 VA Inverter – Sine wave

Luminous Eco volt – Sine wave inverter – 700 VA – 900 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Eco watt – square wave inverter – 700 VA – 900 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Rapid charge 1500 VA – single battery model – square wave

Luminous Rapid charge – 1500 VA – double battery model – square wave

Luminous supreme – Square wave inverter – 650 VA – 850 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Invincible 875 VA – Pure sine wave model


luminous ion 300 va inverter


luminous ion 500 va inverter


luminous zelio inverter


luminous eco volt sine wave inverter


luminous eco watt square wave inverter


luminous rapidcharge inverter



luminous supreme - squarewave inverter


luminous invincible - pure sinewave

Why so many square wave models from Luminous?

From the above list,

Only Luminous Zelio 900 VA, Luminous Eco volt inverter and Luminous Invincible inverter are Pure sine wave models,

Luminous invincible is a limited edition model introduced as a tribute to master blaster Sachin. It is not available in towns and small cities.

So, Luminous Eco Volt and Zelio are the only option for people who want to opt in for Pure sine wave model inverter.

Though square wave models are successful and economic in India, Only Pure sine wave models are always recommended for sensitive electronic gadgets like desktop PC, Laptops, LCD and LED TV’s.


Though Luminous has introduced too many square wave models compared to sine wave models, we cannot ignore the innovative improvements in its ‘Eco Volt’ inverter model which is pure sine wave inverter packed so many improvements in battery charging and efficiency.

Luminous zelio 900 VA is also a good choice for home users. It is equipped with digital display unit to monitor the inverter.

Luminous has replaced its famous ‘Shakthi charge’ model with Luminous Rapid charge inverter model.

But this time Luminous has introduced 1500 VA inverter model with single battery option too, which is really innovative and Luminous is the first company to offer this kind of powerful square wave inverter which can be operated with single 12v battery. (Luminous Rapid charge is also available in 24v double battery model.)

This could be useful for end users who prefer to use their inverter for heavy applications.

We still recommend Pure sine wave inverter for modern homes, Luminous Eco Volt is best for using all kind of sensitive loads.

Luminous Eco volt inverter is available in three VA ranges

700 VA

900 VA

1500 VA (double battery model)

Choose the right model according to your requirement.

900 VA model is best for 2 BHK homes. You can operate your LED TV and kitchen mixer with this model.

Eco volt is Pure sine wave model and Eco watt is square wave model. Consumers will get confused with the appearance and model name of both inverters. Make sure that you are buying Pure sine wave model.


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