5 Reasons Why LUMINOUS LT300 better than EXIDE

Luminous LT300 is an 80 Ah Tubular Battery made for Home UPS and other deep cycle applications. This battery model is very much budget-friendly and most recommend for Entry level Home UPS systems’

When people plan to buy Inverter and Battery for their Home, Office or even a petty shop, they always search for some budget friendly solution to avoid burning a hole in their pocket.


Luminous-tubular-LT-300-box-2 luminous-tubular-MRP

Who should choose this 80Ah Tubular Battery?

No need to say that prices of branded tubular batteries are always on higher side. The most preferred Ah rating and best seller battery in Home segment is “150 Ah”. Price of Branded Short tubular 150 Ah battery starts from Rs.9500, Tall tubular batteries are way more expensive than short tubular batteries and Flat plate batteries.

So what if you are pretty much interested in Tubular battery and have no budget to afford it?

The solution is an 80 Ah Tubular Battery. Luminous LT300 costs Rs.6800, which is just equal to 80 Ah flat plate batteries from Exide.

So, a branded 900 Va Pure sinewave inverter would cost around Rs.4000 and adding Luminous LT300 80 Ah tubular battery, it cost Rs.10800/- altogether.

About Back-up Time

2 Ceiling Fans

1 Tube light

2 CFL’s

1 Mobile charging Point

If you use all above mentioned gadgets simultaneously during power cut, then you could expect a back-up time of 2 hours with this battery.

During Night time, if power supply from grid fails and you need power back-up for whole night (8 hours continuously), then your family should use only one ceiling fan to extend the back-up time up to 8 hours.

In Day time, if you face intermittent power cuts not longer than 2 hours, then your tubular battery will have enough time to get fully charged again. So, 80 Ah tubular batteries will be sufficient for a normal Indian family with 3 to 4 members.

Luminous-battery-vent-caps  luminous-tubular-top-view battery-vent-plug

Price of Luminous 80 Ah Tubular Battery

MRP printed in Box – Rs.8390

Price in Local Market – Rs.6800

Price in Luminous Online store – Rs.7250


Unlike other flat plate batteries in this price range, Luminous LT300 80 Ah battery is compatible with inverters ranging from 400 Va to 1100 Va.

Flat plate batteries in 80 Ah range are more prone to damage when connected with high capacity inverters with high charge current. Flat plate 80 Ah batteries always should be kept in normal charge mode to avoid damage.

But this Luminous LT300 is a tubular battery with high charge current accepting capacity, which enhances the battery life and also makes it compatible to work with wide range of inverters.

Warranty & Battery Life Expectancy

# This Battery comes with 30* month warranty.

# Actually 24 + 6 months warranty

# 24 months free replacement warranty + 6 months Prorate warranty.

# Prorate is warranty is simply useless. Free replacement warranty is the real warranty.

# Life Expectancy – 4 to 5 years

Comparison with Exide Batteries

Tubular Batteries from Exide in 80 Ah Range

EXIDE INVAMASTER IM 3000 80Ah – Tubular

EXIDE INVARED 300+ 80Ah – Tubular

Above mentioned two models are Popular Tubular batteries from Exide, but these models are pricey compared to Luminous LT300 80 Ah Tubular battery.

Luminous LT300

  1. Low Price in this Range
  2. Premium components and Thick design
  3. Long Life (4 to 5 years)
  4. Wide range of compatibility with inverters
  5. High charge acceptance in short duration


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