Old ceiling Fans reduce your Battery Backup time?

ceiling fanPower consumption of Normal Ceiling fan is about 75 watts. But some 30 years old ceiling fans are extremely power hungry gadgets, would consume nearly 200 watts power.

So, when you install power inverters (UPS) for your home or office, it’s mandatory to change your 30 year old ceiling fans with new ones. Unless you do this it will draw double power from batteries and make them dry in short period of time.

Some Facts about Ceiling fans

Modern ceiling fans has star rating for energy consumption.

New Ceiling fans can operate at high speeds with low power consumption whereas heavy weight old fans consume more power and deliver low speed.

Why My Ceiling Fan Is Very Slow?

Ceiling Fans have capacitor (Condenser) inside it. Capacitor should be replaced when your fan speed drops significantly at normal 220 volt input.


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