InvaQueen Exide Battery – Review

inva queen

Exide “Inva queen” batteries are Flat Plate Batteries specially designed for Inverter application. In spite of Flat Plate design, the Inva queen is built with extra thick plates to ensure long life.

Inter cell connection technology is used in this battery model to ensure steady discharge in heavy power cut situations. So, undoubtfully ‘Inva Queen’ batteries perform well with inverters.

Expected Battery Life

Exide has promised 2 plus years Battery life for this Model. But we can expect 3 years Battery life under perfect maintenance.

AH Range Available (Models)

Models Capacity
Exide INVAQUEEN 300 90 AH
Exide INVAQUEEN 350 100 AH
Exide INVAQUEEN 450 135 AH

InvaQueen 300 (90 ah)

This model is for budget conscious people and family with three members. If you suffer Power cuts for more than 10 hrs per day, then its better you choose 100 AH Battery.

This Battery is Suitable for Inverters with 400 to 600 VA Rating.

InvaQueen 350 (100AH)

This model is middle range, suitable for family with 4 members. With stand for 3 – 5 hour Power cuts per day.

This battery is suitable for 400 to 850 VA inverters.

InvaQueen 450 (135AH)

This 135 AH battery is a Perfect choice for family with 5 members. Perform well in frequent power failure situations. Steady Discharge.

This one is Suitable for 600 to 850 VA inverters.

( Our Recommendation- This one is Flat Plate Battery with 3 years life, People who wants 5 + years Battery Life can go for Tubular battery )


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