How to select right Inverter Battery with Android App Exide?

Exide India has taken one more step towards innovation.  Yes, the company has launched its Android App recently, a Battery selection guide for newbies. This app is really handy for novice users and helps them select the right model battery for their Car, Bike or Inverter.

This app has a nice user interface (UI) which facilitates the battery selection and getting news updates about launch of new battery models from Exide.


# Is this Exide App Useful?

Many people think that an android app is not necessary for this kind of small task, but I think this launch of android app from Exide India is completely futuristic and most wanted facility in future that nobody could avoid.

# How to find your car/Bike battery model using Exide battery App

Open Exide Battery App

Click on Automotive Batteries

Select Segment

Click on Cars or Bike according to your requirement

Select Manufacturer

Select a Model

Finally Click on ‘Find The Battery’ button

Battery models that are suitable for a particular car/Bike model will be shown in the next screen.

It is really handy using this app to search for the correct battery model for our car or bike.

# Future of this Exide Battery App

Who knows, in future this app might get much popularity among young generation and allow people to buy battery online for car, bike and Inverter.

# How to select right inverter battery using Exide App, based on your load requirement

Open Exide Battery app in your Android mobile

Select Inverter Batteries

Select Electric load

Select Backup Time

Select ‘Find the Battery’ option

That’s it!

Exide app android battery selection (7)




Exide app android battery selection (10) Exide app android battery selection (11)



Exide app android battery selection (12)

# Who should install this App

This app is useful for novice users and expert users as well.

If you are about to change your battery in car, bike or Home ups inverter, then you should install this app, I am sure this app would make things much easier.

# Why we recommend this app to all battery dealers?

This app has a section called ‘New Arrivals,’ in which dealers can find the new model batteries that are launched recently. Unlike other battery companies, Exide launches new battery models in inverter segment every six months. To get updates about new launches, dealers should check this app frequently.

How to download Exide Battery App

Go to Playstore in your Android Mobile

Search for ‘Exide Battery app’

Select ‘Exide Battery app’ developed by Exide India

Install and Start searching for batteries


Exide battery android app

# Major Drawbacks of Exide Battery App

However this ‘Exide Battery app’ has received accolades from normal users and battery dealers, we found some Glitches in this Exide App.

# In ‘inverter battery’ section, only very limited models are listed.

# No tubular battery models are listed in this app

# Famous Tubular battery models like ‘Inva tubular’ and ‘Inva Master’ are not listed

# Without listing this famous models, it is completely useless for users those who search for high quality tublular batteries.

# On clicking the ‘Read more’ option redirect us to Exide website. This is not recommended, all the information regarding any battery model should be displayed inside the app.

# Also I am looking forward for online purchase option in this app. Hope they will provide this option in future.

# No option for locating nearest dealer outlets. This is a critical issue in this app, without dealer details how people could buy the selected battery model?

Hope Exide Technical Team will rectify all the glitches listed above in its next app update in playstore.


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