Home Inverter–Simple Definition !

Inverters are now turning in to an unavoidable electronic instrument even in middle class houses. I am going to guide you on buying inverter for your home or office needs.


  • Home inverter simply means, an electronic device which converts DC current from Battery to AC current. This converted AC current from inverters is used to give Power backup for Home or small Offices.
    I hope now you understand the term “power INVERTER “from this simple definition.
  • Now we can see some elaborate definition, usually in country like India, we are suffering with frequent power cuts throughout the year. To tackle this problem, installing home power inverters (UPS) according to our home needs is the first choice of most people.
  • Unlike the Power generators, the (UPS) inverters are affordable, silent and convenient. Inverter is an electronic device that converts 12 or 24 volt current from Battery to AC. So, an inverter without battery does not give any output to exide batterybackup Home during power failure. A 12 or 24 volt battery should be attached to an inverter to get AC power output.


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