The manufacturing process begins with a rugged cast grid usually made from a lead alloy containing from 3-6% antimony. The grids are pasted on an automatic machine with a spe­cially compounded mixture of lead oxide (finely divided lead) water and sulfuric acid. Follow­ing the pasting operation, the plates are “cured” by a process that converts the active mate­rial in the plate to the desired composition and which causes the paste to set to a hard ce­ment-like mass. Plates made this way are extremely rugged and will “ring like a bell” when struck. The plates and cells made in this process are very consistent and have the following characteristics:

1. Good Electrical Performance

2. Long Cycle Life

3. Tough And Durable

4. Good Reserve Of Pasted Material For Long Life

5. Good Reserve Of Lead For Long Life

6. With Their Glass Wrap The Plate Is Well Protected Against Life Limiting Shedding.

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