Exide Home UPS/Inverter Vs Sukam, Luminous &Microtek –indepth Review

Exide Home UPS/inverter is the latest sensation in Indian Inverter market,

Sukam, Luminous and Microtek are the leading players in home inverter manufacturing sector, in spite of this heavy competition Exide still manages to sell their Home inverters throughout the country and their graph is going up steadily.

Exide Home UPS front panel

Why Exide Home UPS?

Exide Home UPS has some additional features that which we can’t find in Sukam shiny or Luminous.

Exide Home UPS is been improved by Exide R&D engineers to meet the international quality standards and assure long term trouble free performance. I should admit that Exide R&D has achieved their target as well.

Available in Three Different Range

Exide Home UPS Inverter is available in 650 VA, 850 VA and 1450 VA Range

650 and 850 are single battery inverters and 1450 VA inverter is 24 volt double battery system.

Exide ups range

LCD Display

LCD display is very useful for a normal user to monitor the performance of both inverter and battery, all leading inverter models like ‘sukam shiny’, Luminous UPS Sine and Microtek UPS SEBz lacks this important feature. They just equipped with simple LED indicators to show the battery charging status and fault indications.

Unlike sukam, luminous and Microtek inverters, Exide Home UPS/inverter has LCD display which shows

Battery voltage level

Battery charge level

AC mains Input voltage

Connected Load in percentage

Over load

Battery low

Short circuit

AC mains Fuse Blown

LCD display shows the battery voltage level and charge level, this feature is very useful during intermittent and long power cuts, we could know the remaining backup time with these readings.

So, the inverter won’t let you down abruptly during heavy power shedding’s.

It shows the connected load in % – so u could increase or limit your usage according to the power cut situation. Other leading inverters don’t have useful feature.

High Charging Current

Lack of high charging current is the major problem we face with most inverter brands during long power cuts in summers. Your inverter will be simply use less when you face power cuts like 15 hours/day.

Inverters with normal 10 amp charge current will not charge your 150 ah battery quickly during intermittent power cut scenario, so people often search for inverters with high charge current.

Installing Replacing your 80 or 100 ah battery with 150 or 200 ah battery with same inverter with 10 amp charge current will not help you solve the power cut problem during long power shedding like 15hrs/day.

You need a Inverter with high charging current like 15 amp in high charge mode

exide inverter back panel 2

All other leading inverters have only 2 charge selection modes; Exide Home UPS has 3 charge selection modes for better charging according to the connected battery and power cut situation.

Exide UPS charge selection modes

Normal charging mode – (NC) – up to 10.5 amps

Enhanced charging mode – (EC) – up to 12.5 amps

High charging mode – (HC) – up to 14.5 amps

charge current Exide ups

Use High charging mode only on long power cut situations.

Use Enhanced charging mode, if u face 2 to 3 hours power cut/day

Use Normal charging mode, if you face no power cuts or power cut below one hour per day.

Compatibility with Exide IT500 battery

Exide Home UPS/ inverter is highly compatible with most famous tall tubular battery model Exide IT500.

Exide Home Inverter’s High charge mode is very helpful to quick charge the IT500 battery during intermittent power cuts,

14.5 amps of charge current help the battery to get fully charged in very short period. IT500 Exide Inva tubular battery

Only Pure sine wave inverters

Exide manufactures only Pure sine wave inverter models

But all other competitors like sukam, luminous and microtek are manufacturing both square wave and pure sine wave models.

Customers with little knowledge about inverters are often get cheated by inverter dealers with noisy square wave inverters.

No chance for such cheating with Exide UPS, Exide manufactures only Pure sine wave inverters and it list out all the disadvantages of square wave inverter in its official website itself.

Caution – This review is for Original Exide Inverter, not CEIL Exide Inverter

In the market two types of Exide Inverters are available, this review is for Original Exide Inverter, not for CEIL Exide inverter

The name CEIL Exide is printed in the front panel of inverter, this one is different from Exide Inverter

ciel Exide  Exide-home-ups-inverter

We didn’t mean CEIL Exide is a duplicate product, CEIL Exide inverter is like SF sonic, CEIL Exide batteries, a low cost solution for people those who like inexpensive branded products.

CEIL Exide inverter is a normal inverter for normal user, it doesn’t have the special features like Exide Inverter.

Exide Home UPS/inverter – Technical Specification

Exide UPS specs

Competitive Pricing

Price of Exide UPS/inverter were little high during the time of launch, but now the prices have come down and even available for prices lower than all other competitors.

Exide 850 VA inverter cost around Rs.4800 to 5500/- in local market

Prices are little lower in north india compared to south

Online Prices – Rs.5200@Ebay

Exide 650 va, 850 va and 1450 VA (double battery type) are available in ebay.in website at reasonable prices, just log on to ebay.in and search for ‘Exide Inverter’

We have found so many lowest price deals for Exide 850 va inverter, when you apply icici coupon or any other ebay discount coupon you could get up to 7.5 % discount and final price will be around Rs.5200/-

exide home inverter price 5600


Exide Inverter is good in terms of special features and better charge current; Sukam Shiny, Luminous sine wave inverter and Microtek classic model UPS SEBz are equally good but lacks some features.

Sukam, Luminous and Microtek have proved their reliability, durability and longevity, Exide Home UPS is yet to prove its Longevity – we hope it will!


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