Difficulties in Exide Warranty Claim–Some Facts


I appreciate your web site with all the required details about batteries and inverters and these are very useful to normal buyers like me. But i want to ask one thing that by seeing all your posts, you strongly recommend Exide Tubular batteries , but when i enquired some of the dealers, they said that Exide batteries have got some warranty issues and problems nowadays, and even they told some of the Exide models are not good, is that true? like to know your reply.



Dear Mr.Jegannathan

The information which you got is partially true. Not all exide models are successful , you may notice that we have recommended only few successful models from Exide. We don’t suggest anyone blindly to go for Exide. As this site is closely monitored by leading battery companies and dealers throughout the country we can’t disclose the details of failure models. but we are keen to provide precise details about successful models from leading brands.

Unlike other small companies in market Exide has a very big sales and service network, So, delay in service for  warranty claims is inevitable to filter out the duplicates and ineligible claims. Sadly, genuine claims are also affected and need to wait for 40 days in this process.

Other brands will replace the battery, only when the battery dies completely , but most battery won’t die completely in warranty period, but they lose their efficiency  to hold the charge over time. In such case the other brands won’t offer you replacement under warranty.

So warranty claim is not a smooth process regardless of brand.

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