V-Guard Pure Sine Wave Inverter Models available in Market


V-Guard, an Indian company which doesn’t needs any introduction. V-Guard has entered in to UPS Inverter market recently.

The Company has introduced both Sine wave and Square wave Models in Market. Sine wave models are safeto operate all type of loads, it’s superior to square wave inverters, ask your dealer for sine wave inverters.

V-guard square wave models are named as “pseudo sine wave” or Digital inverters; this is nothing but SQUARE WAVE inverters. Be cautious in buying inverters.

Some Facts about Square wave

A snap shot from V-guard site

square wave

Pure Sine wave Models are named as “DU Series”inverters.

Range of Pure Sine wave inverter models

1. DU 600/600 PLUS – 600 VA Inverter

2. DU 800/800 PLUS – 800 VA Inverter

3. DU 1400/1400 PLUS – 1400 VA Inverter

DU 600is suitable for small family with 3-4 members. Compatible with PC, Fan, Tube Lights, CFl

DU800is best for Normal home use. Compatible with kitchen mixers, RO water purifiers, ½ hp water pumps.

DU 1400 is for Power Users or joint family with more than 10 members. This inverter needs two batteries to operate.

  • Pradeep

    I am planning to purchase Vguard sine wave inverter 800 VA and Vguard batter Tall Tubular 150 AH battery and the warranty for this is 30 months. The price in delhi is 5100 Rs for the Inverter and 10800 Rs for the battery. Is the inverter and battery good and the battery is especially cheaper as compared to Exide IT500 which is retailing for 13500. So want your opinion if vguard inverter and battery are of good quality in the long run. Have to purchase soon so kindly tell me if you have any reviews as the website doesnt talk about this brand.

    Thanks and regards,

    • admin

      Dear Pradeep,
      V Guard has good reputation in stabilizer manufacturing industry. Their Pure sine wave inverters are good and affordable.

      Make sure that your dealer offering Pure sine wave model v guard ‘DU series’ inverter, there is a pseudo sine wave model with name “Ei Power series’.

      Price of V guard DU series Pure sine wave inverter 800VA model (Rs.5100/-) in Delhi is some what okay, but we recommend you to broaden your search for inverters.

      Some recommendations for inverter (pure sine wave)

      Sukam Shiny 850 VA
      Sukam Falcon 800 VA
      Microtek UPS SEBz850VA
      APC BI850SINE 850 VA

      All the above models are successful and most reliable in current market
      All models listed above costs around Rs.5000/- in Delhi (If you bargain you could get 500 rupees discount on this)

      After sale support is good for the above brands.

      You are from Delhi and you have so many options to choose between, why don’t you try some other brand for Battery?

      Some more options other than Exide IT500

      Sukam Tall Tubular 150 ah
      Base Tall Tubular
      Amaron Current Tall Tubular

  • Pradeep

    Thank you for the prompt response. I am looking to spend around 15000 Rs for the inverter and battery. So had shortlisted Vguard.
    Yes I had Exide IT500 in mind but it was around 3000 Rs expensive as compared to vguard. I think Base will also will be expensive and wont be in the range of 11000 Rs.

    I am also looking at SuKam inverter and battery also. What is the difference between Sukam shiny and falcon range of inverters?

    How do you compare Sukam tall tubular 150 Ah battery and Amaron tall tubular battery.

    Any review on Vguard tall tubular battery such as quality and longevity.

    Thanks and regards.

    • admin

      Dear Pradeep,
      If budget is a constrain, you can go with V guard battery, We just suggested some models which last long more than your preferred model.

      Life expectancy of Both sukam Tall tubular and Amaron Current Tall tubular is 4.5 years at normal conditions.

      Both sukam and Amaron Tall tubular 150 ah batteries costs Less than Rs.12000/-

      • Pradeep

        Thank you for replying back. Vguard is not my preferred or favorite brand rather it has a good name in stabilizer and other products so felt I could get some information about their inverter and especially their battery.
        I will look at SuKam inverter and battery now as well as Amaron.
        Forgot to ask you about Whirlpool Gold series sinewave inverter 800 Va. How is their quality and any long term review on them as I am also looking at it now.

        Sorry for asking so many questions back to back and thanks for taking out time answering all the questions.

        • admin

          Dear Pradeep,
          We would give 4 stars to both v guard and whirlpool inverters.

  • Radhakrishnan

    Which Sine Wave Inverter and battery shall you recommend for a 300 Watts Solar Panel Installation? What shall be the overall cost.