Sukam solar conversion kit for normal inverters

Su-kam has introduced one more innovative gadget in its solar product series.

“SolarCon” – The name itself tells the application of this product. Yes, it is a solar conversion kit for normal home inverters with single or double battery.

Targeting the home inverter market in India, Sukam has introduced this solar conversion kit with most advanced functions compared to other potential competitors.


What is Solar conversion Kit?

Solar conversion kit is an additional device which could be connected to your existing home inverter to convert it to hybrid solar inverter.

By converting your normal inverter to solar hybrid inverter, you can connect solar panels to it and start using the solar energy available in the day time for your normal home use.

Your electricity bill will come down in few months.

With solar hybrid inverter, you could handle severe Power cuts in summer. You could handle long power cuts like 12 hours to 15 hours per day easily.

But you should install correct ratio of solar panels according to your daily usage pattern.

Installing a single 80 watts panel with 800 va inverter and using all your fans, tubes and TV’s won’t help you get the benefit of solar energy.

Install 250 watts panels with 800 or 600 va inverter and minimum 135 ah battery.


Why SolarCon ?

More than 4 million inverters were sold every year in India, this is something huge and we should notice that all these inverters are normal grid powered inverters. We cannot connect solar panels directly to these inverters.

There are many Chinese make solar charge controllers are available to convert this normal inverters in to solar inverters, but their functionality is minimal and not innovative, there are some serious issues with these unbranded solar converters.

Warranty and service is also a big nightmare with Chinese unbranded solar converters and charge controllers.

Sukam has now come up with a branded solution to this problem. Sukam ‘Solarcon’ is built with unique features and comes with sukam warranty. Sukam has a very wide service network throughout the country.

It is not just an imitation of any other model available in Europe , America or china. Sukam has patents for the design and technology used in ‘SolarCon’ solar conversion kit.

Price comparison

Let us compare the price of other brand Automatic solar hybrid charge controller with Su-Kam ‘SolarCon’ automatic hybrid solar charge controller and conversion kit

Other Brand PWM Solar conversion Kit Price = Rs.2500 (12v 16 to 20 amp) (no panels included)

Su-Kam Solacon’ Solar conversion kit Price = Rs.3000 to 3500/- (12 v 16 amp) (no panels included)

Price difference between non-branded conversion kit and Sukam conversion kit is minimal, go branded!

Maximum solar panel capacity

With sukam ‘Solarcon’ PWM 12v 16 amp Solar conversion kit, we can connect up to 260 watts of solar PV modules.

250 watts recommended

If you want to install high capacity solar panels like 400, 500 or above 500, better you go for SolarCon 24 v (double battery inverter kit)

SolarCon solar hybrid conversion kit is available up to 48v 40 amp (4 battery system), in which solar PV modules up to 3000 watts could be connected. But it is expensive.

Available Models

Sukam ‘SolarCon’ solar conversion kit is available in both PWM and MPPT technology

PWM – Pulse width modulation charging technology

MPPT – Maximum power point tracking technology

PWM is widely used and affordable technology which is inexpensive and suitable for middle class people.

MPPT is a choice of people who need more rigid configuration and who want to get most out of the available solar energy. Little expensive too.

sukam solarcon range mppt-sukam-solar-conversion




Special features of Sukam solarCon – Solar conversion charge controller

No Heat

Priority to Electricity from solar panels to charge the battery, even when the mains power is available.

After the battery is fully charged, power for the connected load is supplied directly from solar panels and battery.

Pre-defined, user settable Battery limit when using solar power to preserve the battery power and prolong battery life.

LCD display – Solar status – Battery voltage – Grid charge status – Amount saved- mains voltage etc.

Compatible with any brand Home UPS / inverter

  • Vishu

    Thank you for your articles
    I’m purchasing luminous solar inverter 900va-5800rs
    Luminous solar bettery 100ah-7800rs
    Luminous solar panel 150 watt-10100rs
    Total cost-23700rs
    1led tv + 1fan run full day time I’m very much satisfied with this configuration thanks a lot.

    • Admin

      Dear Vishu,
      Thanks for sharing prices and your valuable experience with Luminous solar inverter and solar panels.

      Luminous is doing well!

      • Grashan

        Dear Admin,

        There is a new hybbrid converter from vguard which has same features of sukam solarcon and also with mppt charger. Price is Rs 3750. You can connect up to 500 watts panels.

        • Prakash

          Hi Can you send a link for V-guard hybrid converter?

  • Saddat al Masad

    I have bought 1×35 watt,1x40watt,2x80watt,3x100watt total 535 watt solar panel in my home and one su kam 45 amp solar charge controller,one 200 amp tubular battery,,one 850 watt pure sinewave inverter.I am using 2ceilling fans, 1table fan,one 22inc led tv with set top box,10×6 watt dc led light,and one 1/2 hp (kirloskar jalaraj) motor .I am satisfied with solar panel configuration.Todays power cut has not disterb me ..I have disconnected electricity .

  • Admin

    Dear Shareef,
    You can convert your existing inverter setup to solar hybrid inverter system,

    we recommend Sukam solarcon 16 amp – Hybrid solar conversion kit and 250 watts solar panels. (12v)

    Sukam solarcon and solar panels are compatible with Luminous Zelio inverter and Exide IT750,
    So no problem during your up-gradation.

  • Kartik Sachdeva

    I have installed solarcon 12v at my home by converting 850va shark and su-kam 135ah LA battery with a single 150 watt panels .
    After almost 3 months I have saved Rs. 1256 .
    I bought the conversion setup for Rs. 12 k and I have received 10 % so early. The returns are much more tgan fixed deposits.
    Great Product !!!!!!!!

  • Dayal

    Has anyone in this forum used MPPT SolarCon – hybrid or otherwise? Thanks

    • willstay

      As far as I know Su-kam has not officially released MPPT version of SolarCon.

  • G toppo

    Any other brand like sukam solarcon 12v/16amp where can be more watts panel?

    • Subhra sankha Bhattacharjee

      You can try LUMINOUS Solar Retrofit Solution (SRS1220) which can entertain upto 400Wp of Solar Panel.

      • Vishwa Vishwa

        hi whats the cost of solar retrofit. is it same like sukam solarcon??

        • Subhra sankha Bhattacharjee


          The Solar Retrofit cost to end consumer is around 2000 INR.

          I have seen both the products and I think that the Retrofit is having more practical mode selections to enable use in areas with different power conditions. Also it can support more PV Wattage and thus more savings.

          Solarcon has an upper-hand because of the LCD display while Retrofit comes with LED indications.

          • Vishwa Vishwa

            hi sir u r suggesting for luminous solar retrofit as same like above image . I have few confusions..

            1. Is retrofit using for charging the battery only or itis working as inverter, converting DC to AC & gives AC supply to Existing UPS?..

            or after charge the battery, this will work as inverter?…

  • Admin

    Dear Abhijit,
    We recommend Luminous zelio 900 VA inverter with Luminous ILTT18048 150ah tall tubular battery.

  • abhijit

    i have 850VA inverter & how much wattage solar penal to be installed. my load is one cumputer, one fan & 3 ledtube lights of 18 watt.

  • Kumar

    I have 650 VA ups with 100 Ah battery. I would like to connect 300 w pannel to this system. If 200 w is used for charging the battery, balance 100w to be used directly to appliances in day time. which solar converter will be suitable for this purpose.

    • Admin

      Dear Kumar, Sukam solarcon would be better for your requirements.

      • Kumar

        Thanks for your reply, May I know how to connect the Inverter battery connection with this solarcon.

  • Manish Kumar

    hi, I just want to know one thing if solar controller disconnects the main of inverter then how the connected inverter points in home will remain functional because as i know that inverter bypasses the current to those points when grid supply is available. also if main is available then battery will be charged by two concurrent source simultaneously. please clear this , because i need this charge controller.

    • Bharat

      It controls the mains supply to the inverter, so that when the battery is fully charges & if still there is solar power available. it will disconnect the mains to the inverter. So that the load will start working on the battery power. Simultaneously Solarcon will charge the battery.

  • Amit Chaudhary

    Dear Admin,
    how long will solar con. of 24v 40amp. take to charge the two 150Ah tall tubular battery along with 1600 sukam falcon+ ,when i would use 500W from 750W of solar panel to home appliances in day time. and one more queston is,can falcon+1600 run semi automatic machine along with 165l refigerator plz. rply if u can

  • Admin

    Dear Java Sindu,
    Automatic Hybrid charge controller like Sukam solarcon
    TATA Solar retrofit kit “sunjeevini”

    Above two products will solve your problem.

  • Sripathy pavan kumar

    Dear Admin,

    When i constructed my house i had setup Solar with 250 watt x 6 panels and 120ah 12v batteries of 4 numbers. Also with a 2KV solar sine wave ups. Now the inverter is not charging through solar or grid. I guess some problem with the same. Now i want to start my solar again. Is it good to go with a Normal 2KV UPS with Solar Con or directly go with a solar UPS. Or if there are any valuable suggestions , please help.

  • Venkatesan Ramachandran

    Hi Admin,

    Very good article. I currently have a 850VA APC inverter and Exide 15AH battery and planning to use Solarcon + Solar panel for the upgrade.


    1. What is the recommended Solarcon variant? should I buy 16amp/12V or 32amp/24V?

    2. Should I go for 250watts panel or 500 watts?

    3. I learned that, Battery life will be shorter with Solar based compared to regular inverter based. Could you confirm?

    4. Any dealers in Bangalore who can help on this upgrade?


  • zeeshan adil

    Sir ..some days before i bought exide 850 va inverter (normal inverter not solar).200 wt solar panels .150 ah battery.but this combination worked fine only when i had sufficient mains power i was not happy with this.
    Now after much thinking i am planning to replace this by su kam falcon 900 va(normal inverter )and 300 wt solar panels and the same 150 ah i making the right decision or not.
    (2)250 wt solar panels or 300 wt solar panels .what do you suggest.
    And plz suggest how many ampere solar charge controller do i need for this combination

    • Ranveer Sekhon

      Zeeshan, I was using the same set up you mentioned I.e
      1.Inverter 850VA (Non-Solar)
      2.Battery 150 ah
      Now I fit solar panel of 400 wp (200wp × 2)and Luminous Retrofit (makes my inverter to hybrid inverter)
      You need 20 amp of “Luminous Retrofit ” or whatever brand you want
      like su kam, instead of normal charge controller and minimum 300 wp solar panels if you are not using the battery backup while charging the battery
      And if you use battery while panels charging then I suggest 400 wp of solar panel