Sukam Grid-tie Solar Inverter Installation Pics

In Recent years in India, Grid-tie solar inverters are gaining popularity, not only in commercial segment but also in residential segment.

Setup Solar without Batteries

Interesting fact about grid tie inverters is, “It operates without batteries”.
Yes, it does not need battery bank to operate. It uses minimal power from grid to balance the load. So, grid connection is necessary for a grid tie solar inverter to function properly.

(Note: This system will shut down when power supply from grid fails)

I hope many of our readers would like to see some real pictures of Grid Tie solar installation.
Here we go….

Some pictures of Sukam Solar Grid tie inverter installation in Vellore, Tamilnadu, India

System Configuration

Inverter Model: Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverter 30K TM

Inverter Brand: Su-Kam

Range: 30 kilowatts

Solar panels: 30 kW

Solar Panel Make: Vikram solar


System warranty – 5 years

Inverter warranty – 5 years

Solar Panels – 25 years

System Cost

The total system of 30 kW inverter + 30 kW solar panels + Mounting structures  costs Rs.22,00,000/- (approx)

Note: No subsidies available for this project 

About Earthing done in this installation

Dedicated Earthing is there for DC and AC ; And AC earthing will loop ACDB and Inverter ; and DC earthing will be DCDB with Panels and Structure


grid_tie_inverter_installation solar_grid_tie_inverter_installation  sukam_grid_tie_inverter_001 sukam-grid-tie_inverter-2

Image courtesy: Mr. Daniel Annepu (Sr. Engineer – Solar projects at Su-Kam)

If you have more questions about this installation, you may contact Mr.Daniel – 9962225907 from chennai

If you want  more information on Grid tie solar installations, contact Mr.Kartik Sachdev (9811897315) from Delhi, he has done  so many grid tie solar installations in North India.

This is not a marketing kind of article, i always avoid posting any contact numbers and dealer contacts in articles, but in this case i feel it is necessary to provide some expert’s contact numbers for readers who want to install grid tie solar. you can also post your questions in comment box, i will try to help you.

Why we recommend Grid tie solar Inverters for commercial use?

As the power tariff for commercial establishments are much higher compared to residential buildings, it is good decision to install Grid tie inverters to reduce the Electricity bill in commercial buildings like schools, offices, factories etc.

Su-kam Solar Grid Tie Inverters are available from 1 kW to 50 kW range

TATA solar is offering Grid tie inverters  ranging from 1 kW to 100 kW (according to the requirement)  (Tata solar Dynamo series)

  • vishwanath dvs

    Hi..i have seen there are couple of german make solar PCU’s like Delta, SMA etc in india.
    Can you please suggest me if they are reliable than indian brands like sukam.? I have contacted few installers in my locality and they are suggesting to go for Delta or SMA

    • Admin

      Dear Viswanath,
      Delta and SMA are equally good as our Indian company su-kam,

      Infact they have more experience and their technology is little different.
      Delta and SMA are leading inverter suppliers in this field, choose the best company that guides you through the entire process.

      If you are planning for 1kW to 5 kW project for domestic use, then we would recommend su-kam solar or any other 100% Indian company, they will help you get the full benefits from government side when you go solar.

      Subsidies and net metering policies are different from state to state. You need to clarify all your doubts before you start.

      • vishwanath dvs

        Thank you for your guidance admin.We are planning to go for 2kw offgrid and as per your advice I feel it’s best to go for sukam pcu

        • Admin


  • Admin

    Dear Mukesh,
    Thanks for posting a useful question to all.

    We will write a article on this very soon.

  • aditya bagus

    if use grid tie solar with tap voltage, like grid tie with 45-90 range voltage, i use 48v and 72v with switching, is that okay for “grid tie” to change the voltage with taping although its range?

  • s

    Which is the best brand for solar in India? (Not looking for costs but also long life and efficiency)

    How to setup right inverter with it and which brand/model? Is it possible to attach battery with it for night use?

    Should i go for grid tied solar or non grid tied?