PCB Replacement for Old HomeUPS/inverter – 5 Benefits

# I Own Microtek UPS SEBz (3 year old) – But not getting good backup – My new battery also requires water toppings frequently – Why?

You inverter is three year old. There might be some problem in the circuit board.

Microtek has upgraded all its components in the PCB of UPS SEBz model in recent years, the new PCB is now more advanced than before.

We strongly recommend to change the PCB in your inverter. (PCB means Printed circuit board)

It’s a simple process that needs hardly 20 mins to complete.

A new PCB-Printed circuit board (full set) for Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va would cost around Rs.1200 (including service charge),

All you need is to call your nearest microtek dealer, and ask him for PCB replacement.

Dealer might confuse you with different reasons for low back up, slow battery charging, overcharging and overload problem in your old inverter, just ignore it and ask him to send microtek service engineer to your home for PCB replacement.

home ups PCB

# Is this applicable only for microtek Inverters or shall I try it with my old sukam inverter?

This is applicable for all branded inverters

Inverter should be at least 3 year old

If your inverter is few months old and not stable, you could try replacing PCB.

By replacing the PCB in your home ups, you could get the following benefits

1. Solution to low battery backup problem

2. Better charging current and quick recharge of battery during intermittent power shedding.

3. No frequent distilled waters toppings required for battery. Correct cutoff voltage for low and high battery charge status.

4. Better load bearing capacity in battery mode.

5. Better battery life assured.

Give it a try, just Rs.1200

That’s it!

  • ritz u

    Dear Admin,

    This is a wonderful idea.

    Many people earlier had purchased square wave inverter.
    Wish there was option for consumers to upgrade to sine wave via kit from manufacturer at a cost.

    just an idea for add on services for manufacturer.

  • Rajesh

    Hello Admin,

    I have problem in sukam shiny UPS, i.e battery charging cutoff is not happening (in trickle charging) and require frequent topup. So visited many shops but they have very little or zero knowledge about trickle charging and said purchase a new battery.

    so I called sukam (pune) and asked then to diagnose problem, they said replace the card, it will solve the problem. I agreed and asked then problem should be resolved if new card will not work then will not pay anything.

    service engineer came and checked voltage , trickle mode cutoff. So opened the inverter and replace a card and cheked. it din’t worked so he went to service station to get the another card, he opened pack found that PCB burnt. Again opened another new card, installed it, but it fan not working.

    I was surprised that all card was recycled (repaired) and few card has solder with copper wire whose line (bus) was burnt on card.

    So looking at this type of card, I asked him to install my original card because I will not pay for old repaired card.

    This type of practice I have seen in past also and some reputed brand doing this like Kent, Zerob, Eureka and now this time SUKAM.

    its is very difficult or impossible to get new part for branded product, atleast for above brand.

    I would like to know from where I can get original (new) part for Inverter (Sukam).

    Since, my inveter is three old so planing to scrap it instead or repairing.

    One more thing, does battery reconditioning (with EPSOM salt) works? because no one at many battery shop know about reconditioning process or might be they don’t want to disclose it because they will force customer to buy new battery.

    Sir, Please tell me that where can i get original part and does reconditioning (EPSOM / Castic soda) method works?


    • Admin

      Sadly, some service engineers are using reconditioned PCB’s.

      Before installing, we should make sure that it is new and original.

      You better scrap your old inverter and buy new one. You could exchange it .
      We do not recommend battery reconditioning.

      Better you try bench charging at any battery service center.

  • Subhash

    My Microtech inverter 750VA got burnt – I heard a loud noise and smoke emanating. I called Microtech service 01142733377. The engineer came on the following day. He informed me that PCB had burnt. I saw a small part of it indeed burnt. He informed me the replacement would cost Rs. 1250. So I asked him to change the PCB. He said he put a new 950 VA PCB. Next he told me the connectors were also burnt. I asked him to replace the connectors too. I thought he would charge me 1500+ ( cost of PCB+service charge 250=cost of connectors. Fortunately I read this blog in the meanwhile and learnt the PCB replacement (with service charge) was about Rs1200. I told him to charge less considering my old age with no income. He issued receipt for Rs 1200 and I paid the amount. Thanks for the blog for it save me from paying more.

    • Admin

      Happy to hear this kind of positive review for our blog ☺

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  • nick

    Hello ,
    Very nice and informative blog posts , i am really really hoping you would reply

    i have a 6 years old microtek Sebz 1500 va inverter..
    even when it was 1 year old i had tried to put it on “ups mode” 180v mode and used it to try to run my pc but it would restart during powercuts or fluctuations when it would switch to battery mode.. pc works fine with back ups.. generic non gaming pc

    my room is around 18-20 meters away `from inverter location.. and i don’t have load more than 3 tube lights and 3 fans at a given point of time.. 2 common standard Ah size batteries

    the small cfl located near to inverter shows a “1 very quick flicker” when i switch off power even on ups mode.. the inverter is otherwise ok..

    1) will changing pcb really help in my case ? or are there any other parts also responsible for switch over time delay like transformers , capacitors etc that would require repalcement ?

    2) is distance going to make a difference ? or does pc has to be near inverter for it to not restart ?

    Thank you very very much for reading and i hope you would reply 🙂

    • Admin

      Dear reader,
      Replacing PCB will solve your problem

      Distance is not a problem, in UPS mode your pc should not reboot during power cuts.

      • nick

        Thank you sir ,
        Please answer following questions

        1) Can we use SEBz 1600VA PCb for Sebz 1500Va model ? will it be compatible ?
        2) What should be the cost for that Sebz 1600va PCB ?

        Thanks , please reply

        • Admin

          Dear Nick,
          You can use the PCB of Microtek SEBz 1600VA for SEBz 1500 VA model. It is compatible. No issues.
          Cost should be around Rs.1800