Luminous Zelio 900VA Pure Sinewave Inverter – Review

Luminous, one of the biggest manufacturers of power-backup products in India has revamped its Home Inverter models and introduced new models with some smart features to compete with other leading inverter manufacturers like Su-kam and Microtek.

luminous zelio


Inverter with Digital Display – How useful it is?

One smart feature, Luminous has introduced in its new model ‘ZELIO INVERTER’ is Smart digital display to monitor the battery charge status and most importantly the battery backup time in hours and minutes.

With this facility, we can easily manage and preplan our power backup requirements during Heavy power shedding. The inverter shows a rough estimation of remaining time of battery power while in battery mode.

As I already said, the estimation is based on the load on inverter and battery charge status. Any how we can’t expect it to be so accurate and precise. It is just a reminder to reduce the load on inverter to stretch the battery backup time during long power cuts.

Better Battery management

Luminous claims that the new ‘ZELIO Inverter’ model has been optimized to prolong the battery life with smart charging technology and advanced battery management technology.

They also claim that their new technology improves the battery life up to 70%, but we have no proof and we have no comments.

Back Panel of Luminous Zelio Inverter – An overview

Nothing New, except the battery water level sensor,

Battery water level sensor

battery level indicator

The inverter has a provision to connect a battery water level sensor to monitor and remind the user to top up the battery with distilled water whenever needed. But the sensor wire is not supplied with inverter, need to buy it separately which most users don’t 🙁


Battery charge selection switch

battery selector switch







The inverter has a battery selection switch on its back panel,

T – Means Tubular Battery

F – Means Flat Plate Normal battery

S –Means SMF battery (sealed maintenance free)

You need to select the right mode according to the type of battery you use.

Luminous Eco Volt Inverter (another new model from luminous) has four modes for battery charge selection whereas the Zelio inverter model has only three. But the fourth mode is for local battery, which is not a big deal. Let us ignore it.


ECO Mode – UPS Mode selection switch

This switch is also a very common switch which can be found in most other inverters.

Usually in other inverter, we see it as

Normal Mode – UPS mode

In this Zelio inverter, they have just renamed the normal mode into Eco mode.

If you plan to connect your desktop PC or any other equipment which need uninterrupted power supply (to avoid restart problem during power cuts), use your Zelio inverter in ‘UPS’ mode.

Otherwise, it is always safe to use it in Eco mode.

In Eco mode, your inverter charges the battery even in very low voltage.

In UPS Mode, your inverter runs in battery whenever the power supply from grid goes below 180 V or above 260 V.

Use UPS mode, only if you connect your Desktop PC (without normal computer UPS) to zelio inverter.


MCB to safeguard your Inverter and other gadgets

MCB in zelio inverter

Luminous Zelio comes with a MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) to safeguard your inverter from high current.


Most other inverters in the market have only replaceable fuses at back panel to protect it from high current and over load.

If you connect any heavy load (higher than the inverter rating) to inverter line in battery mode, MCB trips instantly to protect it from internal component damage.

You can set it back to normal position after fixing the problem that triggered the MCB to trip.

MCB protects your gadgets connected to inverter line in case of any fault in electric line or over current.

MCB is very sensitive and reliable compared to replaceable fuses.





Online Price of Luminous Zelio Inverter Pure sine wave 900 VA

    • Online Price of Luminous Zelio Pure sine wave Inverter is approximately – Rs.4850
    • Online Prices are pretty low compared to local store prices.
    • Local dealers are selling this model for Rs.5000 to 6000/-
    • It is better to buy online if your local dealer is not ready to offer you better price similar to online price.

We have compared Inverter prices from all genuine online shopping sites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart and Snapdeal and found that Snapdeal is offering Best Price for Luminous zelio pure sine wave Inverter.

Whether you buy online or from local dealers, the warranty claim should be submitted to the respective manufacturer’s service center only, so it’s safe to buy online.

Cash on Delivery option also makes the buyer feel safe and comfortable when you buy online for the first time.

To buy Luminous ZELIO pure sine wave inverter online, [thirstylink linkid=”5710″ linktext=”Visit here” class=”thirstylink” title=”Visit here”]

luminous zelio inverter online price



Luminous zelio 900 VA inverter is definitely a better choice compared to other 850 VA pure sine wave inverters without digital display.

It takes heavy loads like kitchen mixer and water pumps effortlessly, thanks to 32bit DSP microprocessor and heavy load bearing components.

Digital display is helpful but needs improvement.

At this Price Range (Rs.4500 to 4850) it’s a good buy! Don’t pay more than 5k for this.

  • Anirudh


    Thank you, for sharing ur knowledge regarding inverters and batteries. it helps a lot.
    i had a terrible experience with luminous 800va sine wave inverter service today!! my inverter wasn’t working, and my dealer sent me the so called service engineer. Service engineer had come without his identity card, he just opened inverter and straightway said PCB is dead.. without any investigation.. not even used basic meter to check whats wrong. he said PCB has to be replaced, charges is 950 for Replacement( replacing my PCB with REPAIRED PCB, not a BRAND NEW) when asked for brand new, he started saying new PCB cost 3000. Finally, he dint give bill also… he said for billing i can call customer care log complaint, only then he will come and repair and give bill!! BLODY cheaters.. !!! Guys pls be aware of such Corrupt service guys!! i had no other way coz my parents were not in a condition to wait for more time to get repaired. and they trusted service engineer, coz he was sent by Dealer!!! Admin, pls share some info regarding part numbers of PCB of all inverters so that we can buy directly and get it replaced by ourself!!

    • Admin


  • Deepak

    Hi, I stay in RT nagar bangalore, want to install a UPS -invertor at my place.. need help with wiring & installtion… pls send me cell number of these gentlemen who cna do the needfull. Also the charges…

    • Admin

      Check your email for more details. We have sent you one contact number.

  • webspicer

    Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to buy inverter to my 3 Bed room apartments chennai, when i approved interver seller, the marketing manager suggest me to buy luminous inverter 900va = Rs 5,000.00 & 150Ah exide bed tubular = Rs 12250.00 with free of installation too. i don’t have any idea about this. is this combination good? and how about this price? and if you know any other brand, pls suggest me.. thanks

    • Admin

      Dear webspicer,
      Price of short tubular 150 ah battery should be
      around Rs.10500/-

      Otherwise it is OK.

      • webspicer

        thanks Admin.. but, i just changed battery model INVA TUBULAR IT500 and price will be 15,250.00. because of warranty cover 48 months. is it good price?

  • Admin

    Dear Arulnath,
    We want to make it clear that all leading inverter
    manufacturers including Luminous, Su-kam and microtek are using only aluminum coil in their transformers, no body is using copper coils now.
    Using Aluminum coils in the transformers is not a bad thing, the way they produce it matters.

    It is the inverter dealers, who creates false impression about aluminum coils in modern inverters.

    To break this myth, su-kam provides 7 years warranty for its transformer. I think this is the best in class warranty in this segment.

    Don’t believe the rudimentary comments of inverter dealers.

  • nanda

    Hi Admin

    iam planning to buy luminous Eco volt 900va inverter along with Exide IM 8500 battery, so please clarify me is this combination is best or not

    • Admin

      No doubt, it is a Good combination!

      • nanda

        Hi Admin
        i have little bit confuse to choose an inverter along with Exide IM 8500 150ah battery, my inverter selections are 1) Microtek Sebz 900va 2) Luminious Zelio or

        3) Luminious Eco volt 900va
        in the above inverters which one is the best iverter to match with Exide IM 8500 150ah battery, in my home i want to use 3 Ceeling fans, 4 tube lights, one computer with 17″ lcd monitor not at a time when power off, it is depend on the requirement. so please suggest me.


        • Admin

          We recommend Luminious Zelio + Exide IM8500

          Best combo!

  • Sridhaar

    Hi Admin.

    Please suggest me a affordable and Long lasting Inverter, I am currently residing in Bangalore. Off late we are having many power cuts ranging from 2 to 3 hours at times 6 hours also. Though we are staying in 1 bhk I am planning to move to 2 bhk in some months… So I am looking for a Durable and Less maintenance Inverter at best price

    One of my friend has advised to take ” luminous 1050va inverter” , and INVA Master guess so he said (IM 10000 150 ah tall tubular battery ) and given a Quote of 17500 which is including ( luminous 1050va inverter , IM 150 ah battery ,trolley and installation).
    Is this a best Quote ??? Please suggest.

    I am little concerned about the price, Kindly suggest me some good models with (Inverter and battery) combination and approximate price I can expect from market. I am looking for Pure sine wave , Tubular batteries for good life and durability.

    Kindly suggest ASAP.


    • Admin

      Dear Sridar,

      luminous 1050va inverter Eco volt pure sine wave
      Inva Master Exide Tall tubular 150 ah IM 10000

      For Rs.17500/- is a good deal! No doubt, really competitive Pricing. Go for It!


    Dear admin,

    It is very nice to read answer given by you for the readers. I am also planning to an inverter with battery. I need your guidance for selecting the right product. I would like to connect to 6 tube lights, 4 fans, 3 cfl bulbs, 3 CCTV camera with dvr to the inverter. CCTV with dvr is about 100 watts. During power cut I would be using at least 2 fans, 2 tube light, cctv with dvr on a continuous basis with other fan & lights for couple of minutes. I need battery back up for at least 5 hours. Please suggest good product which suits my requirement. Also let me the price range that be considered for the recommended products.


    • Admin

      Dear Anand,
      Based on your load and backup time requirement, we would
      like to recommend you* 900 VA pure sine wave inverter + 150 ah tall tubular battery*

      We recommend the following

      *Luminous Zelio* pure sine wave inverter *900VA* with LCD display – *Rs.4750/- online price*

      *Luminous ILTT 18048 – 150 ah* tall tubular battery with *3 years full replacement warranty* and 12 months prorate warranty – *Rs.12500/-*

      Buy inverter online if it is not available in above mentioned price range at local stores.

      check the price here

  • Admin

    Dear Srinivasulu,
    You can use Exide Kisan 88AH battery with Luminous zelio
    900VA Pure sine wave inverter, this combo will serve you better. No issues in compatibility.

    You can buy it online, all the connectors will be provided in the package itself. No problem.

  • Deepak

    Luminous eco volt model also have battery electrolyte indicator feature. It also has eco and ups mode selector, battery type selector, battery capacity selector, this inverter also has thermal circuit breaker switch which serves same purpose as MCB. And this inverter also bears load of PCs Mixer etc. Only the difference is that it doesnt have smart digital display so it cannot show actual battery level and estimated time and other smart things..otherwise everything is same

    I am using this inverter with exide tube master tm500 150Ah and it gave me a very good experience.

    • Admin

      Dear Deepak, Thanks for sharing your experience with luminous eco volt inverter and Exide tube master TM500 tall tubular battery.

  • Prashanth Babu

    Can i use locally manufactured air cooler,2 tube light, 1 fan and 21 inch CRT TV with my inverter¿ what will be the back up time¿
    I’m going to by luminous zelio and invamaster 150ah.
    I’m attracted to luminous zelio because of digital display.
    I don’t know what’s inside.
    Is sukam shiny 850 better than zelio¿

  • Admin

    Dear Ayan Roy,
    I have read your long comment and i recommend

    Luminous Zelio 900 + Exide Inva Master IM10000 150 ah Tall tubular battery for your.

    Luminous Zelio costs Rs.4690/- Online

    It has LCD display to monitor the performance of inverter and backup time.

    check the price here
    You can buy inverter Online and Buy Battery from your local dealer.

    Exide Inva Master IM10000 is a tall tubular battery 150 ah with good life expectancy. It costs Rs.12500/- at local dealer outlets.

    Exide Tube master TM500 with 18+18 months warranty is also trending in tubular battery market.

    TM500 Tube master is also 150 ah tall tubular battery with good performance and life expectancy of over 4 years.It costs only Rs10500 to 11000

    • Ayan Roy

      Thank you for your inputs.

  • jagannath rawool

    sir, can i use automotive battery 150ah for zeilo 900va inverter?
    please suggest

    • Admin

      Dear Jagannath, A deep cycle batteries would be better for regular use with zelio inverter.

      In case you are in tight budget, then you can go for automobile battery.

  • Gurpreet Singh Bindra

    Sir , I want to buy pure sine wave inverter with Exide it 500 battery. Please suggest which is better luminous zelio 1100 va or Sukam falcon plus 1050va?

    • Admin

      Dear Gurpreet Singh,
      IT500 is a premium tall tubular battery. It will perform well
      under any tough condition. But it is expensive too.

      As far as Inverter is concerned, i would recommend Sukam falcon plus for IT500 Exide tall tubular battery.

      Our Lab results shows clearly that Falcon plus is way better than Luminous Zelio in various aspects, But Falcon plus is expensive than Luminous Zelio.

  • Gaurav

    Hi, I am confused between Luminous Zelio 900va vs Microtek Hybrid HB950, which should I buy? Some dealers telling that HB950 is not a pure sine wave inverter rather a modified one. I am buying Exide IT 500 150ah battery for my new flat, could you please suggest me which inverter I should buy for it zelio 900va, HB950 or any other? Thanks.

    • Admin

      Dear Gaurav,
      For a premium tall tubular battery like Exide IT500, we
      would strongly recommend Sukam Falcon Plus Inverter

      It has the most advanced facilities like automatic temperature control and many more things which enhances your battery life, but it is little expensive compared to Luminous zelio.

      If sukam falcon plus is not available in your area, then out second choice would be Luminous zelio.

      • Gaurav

        Thanks for your reply. I inquired about Sukam Falcon+, it is not available here in Pune with any of the dealers. I can buy it online from Snapdeal “SuKam Falcon+ 1050Va” but it is costing 6000 INR, is it ok price for this model, any better deal available? Zelio 900va is costing 4400 INR, I can ignore 1600 Rs. difference if it comparatively increases the life of 16000 Rs battery. Thanks.

        • Admin

          I am sure about that particular model sukam falcon plus, it will improve battery life and most advanced model available in market now.

          If you are going for any medium range battery, luminous zelio is good enough for your requirement. Cost is also very low compared to falcon plus.
          Buy 6k for falcon plus is really worth it.

  • arun

    admin, im confused between luminous eco volt 900va and zelio 900 va please … help me out

    • Admin

      Luminous zelio has lcd display, which helps monitor the inverter performance and battery state.

      Price is also very much competitive.

      Good to go!

  • arun

    when i went to purchase zelio 900va with 150 ah inverlast battery the dealer said you should take 180 ah price difference is less only and 180 ah will last longer

    admin is that true ? which one is a better combination please guide me….

    • Admin

      If your dealer is offering best price for 180 ah, then we would recommend it, no problem. You could get some extra backup.

  • Sachin

    Hello Admin,
    I have a Zelio 900VA currently connected to a 120ah APC battery. I am thinking of replacing the battery since the battery is close to 4 years old. Can I connect a 180ah or 200ah battery to the Zelio 900VA to get a longer backup?

    • Admin

      Upto 180ah is recommended 🙂

  • ramesh kapoor

    Hello Admin ,
    I want to run 1 desktop which has 500 watt smps, 2 20″ led monitors,1 Modem, 2 fan , 1 tubelight ,. Backup time 3-4 hrs, your recommendation pls.

    • Admin

      Dear Ramesh Kapoor,
      For your load preference, we would like to recommend

      Luminous eco volt 900 va or
      Sukam falcon plus 1050 VA


      Exide 180 ah inva master tall tubular battery.

  • ramesh kapoor

    ok , in previous requirement if i add 1 22” led tv & set top box & reduce 1 fan than sukam falcon 1050 or 1100 ( depending on availability in my town) with exide IT 500 tall tub 150ah will handle it. or i have to go for 1500 va with double battery?

    • Admin

      No problem, it will handle it.

  • Anoop

    Thank you for the review.

    I have a question on the Mains MCB. What is the function of the Mains MCB? Is this for overload protection in input (mains) or output (inverter)?

    I already have a Luminous Eco Volt 1650 with a Mains MCB. When the power is off (in inverter mode) the inverter resets with an overload alarm whenever I exceed the load limit (for e.g. switching on a geyser). This is as expected and in this case the Mains MCB does not trip.

    However when I switch on 2 geysers simultaneously when the power is on (not in inverter mode) the inverter Mains MCB trips off. This is very inconvenient as each time we have to switch off one of the appliances and then reset the inverter.

    When I spoke to the Luminous guys they said this cannot be fixed. They said any overload in the main line will cause the inverter Mains MCB to trip.

    Appreciate your inputs on this.


  • Chander

    Hello admin,
    I have yesterday bought luminous zelio 1100 va and got install by technician suggested by store owner. I see since yesterday LCD screen is showing 0H5M. Its not going up or down. Since yesterday evening till today morning there has been no power cut. Is there any problem with inverter? Please help

    • Kanishk Singh

      I was facing the same issue. Check the following:
      1. The switch to select battery type (Tub, Flt, Smf) is on correct position as per your battery specifications.
      2. If it is already on correct position, just move it to some other position and bring back to correct position.
      This solved the problem for me.

  • pankaj

    I recently purchased zelio 1100. The fan is making noise when charging the battery. Is it normal?

    • Admin

      Dear Pankaj,
      No it is not normal. You need to call your dealer to check the inverter.

      • B.Sankar

        Hi, I have also purchased the same model one week bellow & facing the same problem. Fan makes noise. Is there any solution?

        • Siva

          I am facing same issue. Is it fixed by dealer? If so, what was the issue?

          • B.Sankar

            completely replaced by company, now feeling relaxed 🙂

  • Shiv

    My inverter luminous zelio 900va is not working?
    Symptom: It is charging the battery but inverter function not working. what could be the reason. i have checked inside 40A fuses and they are good. It is able charge battery as it displays battery level and charging. Even by pass switch and MCB is proper nothing blown and there is nothing burnt on PCB. only before it is failing it made some kind of sound that is like switching relays but it is not exactly that sound.
    any body faced this problem. please let me know if any body has solution or trouble shooting tips. in the mean time i have lodged complaint in luminous care still i have to wait for service guy.

  • Mathan Kumar

    Hi Admin,

    Im thinking on buying inverter and batter for my home. When I checked for zelio models, I found two models 1100 and 1700. Im thinking on buying zelio 1700. But I dunno wulhich one to choose. Mine is a joint family, so there will be heavy usage from inverter.

    Is 1700 right choice. If so which battery I need to buy for this?

    could you please guide me on this?

    • Shiv

      1100VA can run up to 5 fans, 6 lights/cfl and 1 lcd/led TV during power cut. The maximum power output of Luminous Zelio 1100VA is 720 watts.
      One 12V Battery Recommended Capacity: 100AH – 200AH (Flat Plate/Tall Tubular/Both).

      1700VA requires 2 Battery. so based on your budget and requirement you can decide.

      • Mathan Kumar

        Thanks Shiv. Then I will go for 1100. Where I can buy batteries online? Do you know any trusted retailer/sellers online?

        • Shiv

          I think snapdeal has lowest price. Amaron 150ah Tall tubular battery low maintenance. But available at certain locations. Apply pincode and check delivery. Or else contact local dealer. Also Check different websites which have good reviews.

          • Mathan Kumar

            WIll this one suit – I dunno about MRP of these batteries. Is this battery worth buying with 2k discount for zelio 1100?

            Sorry to disturb you continuously, just dunno anything about inverter and batteries.

          • Shiv

            It has first 18 months replacement and next 18 months pro-rata means after 18 months you will not replacement but you can buy new battery at discount on returning the existing battery iff it failed to give back up. I suggest go for 48 months warranty. Amaron batteries cost less than exide for 48 months warranty battery. Again here 48 means 24 replacement + 24 pro-rata warranty. Or it may be 36+12 month is case of amaron 36 month replacement warranty. Check specifications properly it doesn’t apply to all models. Better visit local dealer and warranty details for different models or you can do online also but all model details not available online. I suggest amaron, 2nd choice exide. Both are good battery. Don’t go for local brands

  • Gilbert Pereira

    Hello Admin,

    Im thinking to install solar power system for my house. I have gone through some of the site and finalized some the items for installation. could you please cross check whether these product will match each other during Installation.

    1. Solar Panel = 150watts * 8nos (I have to go for 12volts or 24 volts)
    2. Solar charge controller – 24V, 30Amps
    3. solar Hybird inverter – 1.5KVA
    4. Exide batteries – 150ah – 2nos

    Do we get combination of item no 2 & 3 in market, if yes then which product ?
    Incase if i increase the nos of solar panels another 4nos of same watts whether item no 2 & 3 has to be changed. If yes then which product?

  • Ram Murti

    I hear Zelio 1100 having LCD Problem ? is it true ? I am planning to go for the EchoVolt 1050 + Luminous 150 AH Battery in 15 K ? Is is good Price ? or i should go for the Zelio 1100 and Exide Inva Red 5 150AH ?

  • Robin Thomas

    Hi Admin, I bought a luminious zelio1700 V inverter through online. but after that I realised it will run only with 2 battries. and I cannot afford buying 2 batteries. is it true than it will nor function with single battery? i mean tubular battery? please suggest what are the alternatives. thanks in advance

    • Admin

      Dear Robin Thomas,
      You should have verified the details before you buy 24 volt

      No Problem,
      instead of buying one 150 ah tall tubular battery, you should go for Two Luminous LT300 model 80 ah Tubular battery.

      One Luminous LT300 Tubular 80 ah battery would cost around Rs.6800 in local market.

      Remember to keep the charge current settings normal.

      Hope this helps.

  • Admin

    There is no use with lcd display in zelio. It will always show you unrealiatic data and confuse you.

    But the inverter is great

    Better battery management
    Low self consumption
    Reasonable price

    Just go for it.

    • Traj

      Dear admin, plz advise whether sukam falcon plus 1100 is it better than luminous zelio 1100 va

      • Admin

        We recommend luminous zelio 1100.

        Why do you want to spend extra 1k for falcon +

  • Manoj

    Hi Admin,
    Which Inverter is better “Zelio Pure Sine Wave 12V/ 1100VA” or eco volt. and would like to know why. In some of the posts you suggested eco volt, so i am confused which one to buy.

    • Admin

      Dear Manoj,
      Digital display in zelio will not show pricise information, but still the inverter is good in terms of battery charging and backup.

  • Raja Sahoo

    Hi Admin,

    Your site is a valuable resource for information on inverters.I have purchased Luminous Zelio 1700 Pure SIne Wave inverter.Can i use 2*150AH Inva Tubular batteries along with this inverter?If so, what will be the time taken to charge these batteries?Also will i see a huge increase in electricity bills if I use this combination of inverter and Battery?

    • Admin

      Dear Raj Sahoo,
      Yes, you can use two 150 Ah batteries with zelio 1700 inverter.

      It would take 4 to 6 hours time to full charge the batteries according to your battery type and battery charge mode you use.

      All inverters will consume some current even in idle state, but it is very minimal like using a cfl lamp all day.

      Only Little impact in your electric bill.

      • Raja Sahoo

        Hi Admin,

        Thank you for you reply.Iam going to purchase 2 *150AH inva tubular batteries from Exide.What Charging mode shall i use in my inverter for the same?

  • Chittaranjan Das

    I am planning to buy Luminous Zelio 1100VA UPS with Luminous ILTT 18048 Battery.Is it Ok or may I go for any other ?Please suggest Admin.

    • Admin

      Perfect match

      • Chittaranjan Das

        Dear Admin can you suggest me between Eco Volt 1050VA and Zelio 1100VA.

        • Admin

          Dear Das,
          Go for zelio 1100, better choice and best in class model.

  • Admin

    Dear Amrita,
    We have posted one article about Exide IT Gel batteries,

    Hope this post will answer your question.

  • Admin

    Dear Ghouse,
    Zelio 1100 Va + 200 Ah tall tubular would be best for your load preference.

    • Ghouse Mohiuddin Peerzade

      Dear Admin
      Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
      Please suggest, with Zelio 1100Va, Exide IT750 200ah battery will be compatible.

      • Admin

        100% compatible

  • forsubs a

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks for maintaining an informative and easy to understand articles which will help a layman to figure out the confusing business of buying inverters.

    Your site tremendously helped me to take a buying decision of Inverter/Battery.

    I have purchased a Luminous Zeilo 1100 Inverter & Exide IM10000 150AH battery yesterday for Rs.15700/- in Bangalore.

    Asking about the price is now more of an academic question, but will probably help other potential buyers. Is this price OK?

    Thanks Again!

    • Admin

      Dear forsubs,

      Luminous zelio1100 + Exide IM10000 for 15700₹ is a Good Deal 👍

      Thanks for your positive comments !

  • Ben Cherian

    Hi admin I am having Luminous ZELIO 1100 inverter and Exide 200Ah tubular battery. For last one week it shows some codes like FLA and the inverter is not giving out the charge. What should I do ?

    • Admin

      Dear Ben cherian,
      You can not repair it by yourself. Many users are facing this issue.

      First register your complaint to the nearest luminous dealer .

  • JIns JoSe

    hi admin,
    I want to buy a luminous inverter & battery for my home which has 2 tubelights, 2 CFLs, 22″ LED TV, 2 fans. which one shall i buy

  • Raja Vignesh M

    Sir plz suggest me that Which is better Luminous zelio or su kam falcon plus inverter. Money is not a concern.

    • Admin

      Dear Raja Vignesh,
      Both models are premium range inverter models available in

      Sukam Falcon plus without LCD display is better in terms of charging.

      Both models are better in overall performance.

      Never go for Sukam Falcon ++ model with LCD display. So many complaints from users.

  • Mahavir singh

    Hello sir I want to buy pure sine wave inverter plz suggest me which inverter is best from these three comanies sukam, luminous and microtek my need is 850 va or 900 va

  • zeeshan adil

    What is your suggestion about su kam falcon 900 va inverter

  • arghya Banerjee

    I have brought zelios 1100 and 150ah luminous TT battery. One thing i am confused is how to understand when the power is getting off. As i need to be careful of not using much load. Can ADMIN please advice how to understand how to know when the power is off.

    • Ramesh Sehgal

      Your gadgets and lights/fan not connected with invertor will stop working.

    • Karthik Surana

      Unfortunately there is no sound alaram when power goes. And there is not time gap between switching of appliances as well. the power back up is instantaneous even in the eco mode. so you will never realise the the power went and inverter is running.
      you have to check a small display at the corner of the inverter to know it.
      The inverter lines are usually connection to the fan and lights only. If you have seperate lines in the MCB for heavy appliances then even better. you heavy appliances sockets wont work on inverter so its safe. I would suggest you keep a small 0 watt bulb connected to your AH line . you could use it as reference to check if power is there or not.

  • Madhu sudhan

    Hi I have bought zelios 1100 and 150ah luminous TT battery a week before, even in main power mode (Not in battery mode), Input MCB trips frequently. Please advise!!

    • Admin

      You need to check the wiring.

  • Ghouse Mohiuddin Peerzade

    Hi Admin
    Magnett Tech. from Frazer Town Bangalore has given this best offer Luminous Zelio 1100 +
    Luminous ILTT18048 – 150AH Tall Tubular Battery +1 Hi Tech Tall Tubular Plastic Trolley Rs. 19500. Is this price good. Please share your thoughts.

    • Admin

      If you get this combo for 18 or 18.5 k , it would be a good deal.

  • Admin

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • prateekbhotkar


    I purchased luminous zelio 1100 inverter a week back.

    There is no sound alarm from the inverter when main power goes off or when heavy load is put…I am unable to understand how to check this

    • Admin

      Your inverter’s PCB must be tested by authorized service person. Do file a complaint to Luminous.

  • Ghouse Mohiuddin Peerzade

    Few days back, I bought Luminous Zelio 1100 + Luminous 18048 battery, in Bangalore. It’s working fine. The only drawback of this inverter is, there is no alarm or beep sound when it takes load during power cut. Suppose if there is power cut, during day time, we never know we are running on inverter. Only during night time, it can be seen obviously by seeing dark neighbours houses. Initially, I thought there could be something missing, I called up Luminous Customer care registered a complaint, within few hours an Engineer called and asked my problem. I explained the situation. He said Zelio 1100 model doesn’t make beep sound like other inverters. Just want to share with readers, who may think this could be a problem.

    One more thing, my house wiring was done separately for inverter purpose. Normal lighting and large appliance wiring are separate. But I noticed one thing, would like to ask your opinion. During power cuts, when home lighting runs thru inverter, large appliances like Refrigerator, oven, AC, washing machine, Mixer and Water heater don’t work as they are separate, but there is power in both positive and negative outlet of each socket of appliances. Is this normal. Please share your thoughts. Thanks again.

    • Bibhuti

      This is Because polarity difference in Inverter feeding socket. Any good electrician will be able to resolve this.

  • Jaaf Muhammed

    Not charging luminous 900va

  • Abilash Shrestha

    hi what mean bypass mode and normal mode in this inveter and what its function?

    • Admin

      In case you stuck with problem caused by faulty internal components , you could use the bypass function to disconnect the ups from the home wiring line and continue using the gadgets connected to ups using grid power.

      • Karthik Surana

        if i switch off the UPS doesn’t it perform the same function ?

  • Madan Krish

    Bought zeilo 1100 .. It Says only 900 VA/ 530 watt but the name says 1100. And also product Description says 675 watts in website .

    Luminous 18048 is the battery used . So usually mixie takes close to 600 watts.

    1) Why 900VA / 530 watts such a huge difference . Power Factor Comes close to 0.6. While other inverter like Sukam has 0.8 , ie 1115 v/ 875 watts . Is it because of poor efficiency or am I missing something ??
    2) So can I run a mixie during emergency when all others are switched off . Ie is 600 ?
    3) It seems fan in inverter is causing some sound during charging not very high . My dealer says its ideal sir but I am not sure . Please Clarify.

  • Nishith

    I have amaaron 150Ah battery. I’m confused between luminous zello 1100 and microtek sebz 1100. Please choose between these two. And also I have a 200ah Exide battery. Which inverter will be good for the 200ah? Luminous, Microtek or sukam?

    • Admin

      For 200 Ah battery sukam Falcon plus would be the right choice.

      It gives better charge current even in low voltage condition.

      • Nishith Rout

        Thank you for your reply. What about the 150AH? Which inverter will be better between luminous zello 1100 and microtek sebz 1100.

  • Sanjay

    Hi admin i bough s zelio 1100 and IT 500 for my office
    (1) i want to know that above combination what is the battery life of it 500 ? With zelio 1100 inverter?
    (2)I am also want buy another sukam falkan plus 900va inverter with amron 150AH tall tubler crtt150 battery. Is it a right choice ?
    But amron crtt150 available at local dealer is different from picture of shown in your website. I am confused.

    (3)What is the new type amron crtt150 battery life with sukam inverter falkan plus.
    Please give me a urly reply.

  • shinoy pb

    I brought luminous eco volt 700va sine wave ups two days back ,but the exhaust fan not working .And i connected 80ah battery but the ups’s charging indicator always on, not fully charge the battery even once in two day of working.Is it complaint?

  • Admin

    Yes, it is faulty