Luminous Shakthi Charge + IT500 Super– Handle 10 hours Power Cut

In India 10 hours power cut is normal in rural and some urban areas too. To handle 10 hours power cut, we need some extraordinary inverter with quick charging ability.

Luminous has now come up with a solution for battery charging problem. Luminous ‘Shakthi Charge’ square wave inverter is the solution for charging the battery quickly within 3 to 5 hours.

Luminous has 5 models in its square wave series, among the five square wave inverter models, SHAKTHI CHARGE is highly efficient in charging the battery quickly with 16.5 – 22 amps current. (900VAinverter-16.5 amps, 1000VA inverter – 22 amps)

‘Shakthi Charge’ Inverter is available in two VA ranges,

  1. 900 VA
  2. 1000VA



Normaly, All other branded square wave inverters including microtek and sukam, charge the battery with 9 to 10 amp current only, whereas Luminous Shakthi charge inverter charges the battery with 16 to 22 amps.

Exide IT500 & IT500i (150ah) batteries can handle the charge current upto 14.5 amp and “Exide IT500 super “(150ah) battery can handle 21.5 amp current.

For areas with heavy power outage for more than 10-12 hours, Luminous Shakthi Charge 1000va + Exide IT500 SUPER would be a best combination.

No other square wave inverter could beat this combination. This inverter perform well with Fans, Tube lights and CFL’s

Note: Square wave form current is not recommended for sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED, PC, Laptops etc.

  • Aurobindo Kar

    If square wave form current is not recommended for sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED, PC, Laptops etc. Then what is the benefit of fast charging if it ultimately burn our expensive gadgets. What is the difference between pure sine wave & square wave?

    • admin

      Dear Aurobindo Kar,
      Hope you were aware that inverters are not only meant for running LCD’s and LED TV’s, 80 % of inverter buyers in India wants only power back for their ceiling Fan’s, Tube lights and CFL’s . Square wave inverter runs ceiling fan’s, tube lights and CFL lamps well as close to pure sine wave inverters.

      More over, we suggest this Luminous shakti charge inverter only in case where the buyer suffers more than 10 hours power cut per day and he is not afford to buy double battery pure sine wave inverter to handle 10 hrs power cut. In such situation “luminous shakti charge” square wave inverter is the only choice for buyers who want to buy inverter at affordable price for their normal house hold electric appliances to run for 10 hrs per day.

      We still remind everyone who read this,
      “Square wave inverter is not safe for your LCD/LED TV’s and Laptops”

  • Senthil

    I enquired one dealer his price is Rs.23000/-
    This is Bangalore Rate.
    This is good rate or expensive.

  • Raj

    What is the price in Salem (Tamil Nadu). which dealer is good to buy in salem. let me know

  • Gyanwendra Pratap Shukla

    Hello Admin,
    With Regard i Want to purchage Luminious Ups 875VA , And Battery Tabular Microteh. Actually i know about configuration regarding Combination as Well As Power backup.
    I want To use 2 Fan, 2 CFL, ! computer With TFT. Is it is Best To buy….
    I am little bit confused regardind local or branded battery. Please guide….

    • admin

      Dear Gyanwendra,
      We recommend Pure sine wave inverter with Top brand Tubular batteries.

      Make sure you are buying pure sine wave model Luminous inverter. Square wave can cause damage to your sensitive loads like LCD and LED.

      We recommend following battery models for better performace,

      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah semi tubular (3 years full replacement warranty) – Rs.12,250/-

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah semi tubular (2 years full warranty) – Rs.11200/-

      Exide Tall inva tubular model IT500 150 ah battery – Rs.13500 to 14500/- (3 years full + 1 year Prorata )

      Amaron current Tall Tubular CRTT150 (150 ah) battery – Rs.12000 top 12500/- (3 years full warranty+1 year prorata warranty)

      Sukam Big Tall Tubular SBT1500 (150 ah) battery – Rs.12000/-

  • jbvrup

    great site / discussions!
    – my basic power requirements (4 fan, 4 cfl, 2 laptop, water pur) ~475 watt, but want reserve for future (mixie or lcd?)
    – my poor power, frequent 1/4/5 hr cuts, deep winter/summer up to 12+ hrs/day – only getting worse 🙁
    Shatki Charge + IT500 Super seems great, but what if I want pure sine wave?
    What is best alternative for ‘highest charging’ pure sine wave inverter? and matching battery?

    • admin

      Dear jbvrup,
      Alternative for shakti charge inverter is ‘Exide Original 850 VA inverter with LCD display‘ (not ceil inverter)

      Exide has improved its inverter design in recent days, Exide Inverter 850 va has three modes for battery charging,

      Normal charging Mode – 10.5 Amp

      Enhanced charging mode – 12.5 A

      High charging mode – 14.5 A

      Though it cannot compete with luminous shakthi charge inverter’s ability, still Exide original 850 va inverter with LCD display(Rs.5500) is the pure sinewave inverter with high charging current of 14.5 amp

      For 12+ hours power cut scenario, we would recommend the following configuration

      Exide Original 1450 VA sine wave ‘double battery inverter’ with LCD display – Rs.7500/-
      Two Exide Invertor Plus model batteries 88ah – Rs.6700 x 2 = Rs.13,400/-

      This configuration is the best idea to beat the 12+ hours power cut with minimal investment. It would cost Rs.2000 to 3000 extra compared to single battery inverter configuration. Instead of one single 150 ah battery, we recommend two 88ah batteries here, so no big difference in battery cost.

      More over, a double battery system (24v) is more compatible with solar panels, it would facilitate you in solar conversion in future.

      Think and invest smartly!