Luminous New Inverter/Home UPS Models – Innovative or Old fashioned

It seems like Luminous has retired all of its old inverter models both sine wave and square wave models, and introduced new models with some improvisation in performance and look.

Luminous also removed all the information’s, manuals, specs etc. of their bestselling old inverter models from their official website.

But surprisingly most of the new models introduced are Square wave inverter models.

Let us see the list of new inverter models

List of New Inverter Models from Luminous

Luminous ION 300 VA inverter –square wave

Luminous ION 500 VA inverter – square wave

Luminous Zelio 900 VA Inverter – Sine wave

Luminous Eco volt – Sine wave inverter – 700 VA – 900 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Eco watt – square wave inverter – 700 VA – 900 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Rapid charge 1500 VA – single battery model – square wave

Luminous Rapid charge – 1500 VA – double battery model – square wave

Luminous supreme – Square wave inverter – 650 VA – 850 VA – 1500 VA

Luminous Invincible 875 VA – Pure sine wave model


luminous ion 300 va inverter


luminous ion 500 va inverter


luminous zelio inverter


luminous eco volt sine wave inverter


luminous eco watt square wave inverter


luminous rapidcharge inverter



luminous supreme - squarewave inverter


luminous invincible - pure sinewave

Why so many square wave models from Luminous?

From the above list,

Only Luminous Zelio 900 VA, Luminous Eco volt inverter and Luminous Invincible inverter are Pure sine wave models,

Luminous invincible is a limited edition model introduced as a tribute to master blaster Sachin. It is not available in towns and small cities.

So, Luminous Eco Volt and Zelio are the only option for people who want to opt in for Pure sine wave model inverter.

Though square wave models are successful and economic in India, Only Pure sine wave models are always recommended for sensitive electronic gadgets like desktop PC, Laptops, LCD and LED TV’s.


Though Luminous has introduced too many square wave models compared to sine wave models, we cannot ignore the innovative improvements in its ‘Eco Volt’ inverter model which is pure sine wave inverter packed so many improvements in battery charging and efficiency.

Luminous zelio 900 VA is also a good choice for home users. It is equipped with digital display unit to monitor the inverter.

Luminous has replaced its famous ‘Shakthi charge’ model with Luminous Rapid charge inverter model.

But this time Luminous has introduced 1500 VA inverter model with single battery option too, which is really innovative and Luminous is the first company to offer this kind of powerful square wave inverter which can be operated with single 12v battery. (Luminous Rapid charge is also available in 24v double battery model.)

This could be useful for end users who prefer to use their inverter for heavy applications.

We still recommend Pure sine wave inverter for modern homes, Luminous Eco Volt is best for using all kind of sensitive loads.

Luminous Eco volt inverter is available in three VA ranges

700 VA

900 VA

1500 VA (double battery model)

Choose the right model according to your requirement.

900 VA model is best for 2 BHK homes. You can operate your LED TV and kitchen mixer with this model.

Eco volt is Pure sine wave model and Eco watt is square wave model. Consumers will get confused with the appearance and model name of both inverters. Make sure that you are buying Pure sine wave model.

  • Admin

    Dear Anand Karthi,
    Installing a higher capacity battery when your actual requirement is pretty low doesn’t mean that you are wasting money.

    Actually, it extends your battery life. Number of charge cycle decides the battery life, so installing a 150 ah battery will prolong the battery life.

    Also, it doesn’t consume extra current, it’s a myth.
    About Luminous Eco Volt 900va

    Luminous Eco Volt 900 VA pure sine wave inverter is the latest product from Luminous, equipped with most advanced chip technology.

    eco Volt 900 VA sinewave inverter for Rs.4750 is a good deal.
    INVAMASTER 8500 – 150 AH is a short tubular battery.

    We recommend Tall tubular
    INVAMASTER 10000 – 150 AH

    We also recommend
    Luminous ILTT 18048 – 36 months replacement warranty – Rs.12500 to 13000/-

  • Admin

    Dear Sai Kiran,
    Luminous Eco Volt 900 VA is a good performer,

    Eco volt 900 VA Pure sine wave + Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery is a great combination and it would last long than any other normal battery.

    If you want to go for same brand battery and Inverter, better you choose Luminous ILTT18048 150 ah tall tubular

    It has same warranty as IT500, 36+12 months

    Price of IT500 is on higher side compared to Luminous Tall tubular.

    Any how both combos are good!

  • Deepak

    hello admin,

    Could you explain me the difference between luminous eco volt 900 VA sine wave inverter vs luminous zelio 900VA sine wave inverter ….which one will be better ? also what is the difference between LT500N (150AH ) Vs LT500 (150ah)? please suggest me which one should i buy for 2 BHK appartement ?

    • RAJESH


      • Admin

        we recommend Eco volt !

  • Ravi

    Hello Admin,
    I have purchased Luminous Eco volt 1050 pure sine wave inverter and Amaron 150AH talll tubular battery.
    Pl clarify the below.
    1)When the Mains power is on, two visual indicators glow. i.e. Mains and ECO.
    When the mains power is off , than also the same visual indcators glow.
    Is this normal? shouldn’t the UPS inicator glow when main powere is off.
    2) What does the ECO indicator signify.
    3) Only when mains power is not there, iam manually switching on the inverter and when mains power is available, i am swicthing off the inverter. Is that OK or unnecessary.

    Pl clarify.

    • Admin

      Dear Ravi,
      watch this video for help, if you are still not clear,
      then i will help you

      • Ravi

        Thanks Admin Bhai . The video was very informative and my doubts are cleared.

        • Admin

          Happy to help you! Thanks!

  • Admin

    Dear Binod,
    Luminous Zelio 900VA is a good buy!

    Normal charging – 10.5 amp
    High charging – 14.5 amp

  • Admin

    Dear Krishnan,
    As of Now, Falcon+ is the latest model available from sukam with advanced features like automatic temperature control. which enhances the battery life.

    if you plan for a expensive battery like Exide IT500(150ah tall tubular) then Sukam Falcon + is the right choice to enjoy the maximum benefits of your premium battery.

    Sukam falcon + 1050VA would cost above Rs.6000

    check the online Price here
    If you want to cut the cost and at the same time don’t want to compromise with quality, then we would recommend

    Microtek HB950 Hybrid Inverter – Pure sine wave 950VA

    It cost only Rs.4200/- online

    check the price here

    For Battery
    we recommend
    Exide Tube master TM500 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.10500 to 11000
    option 2
    Exide Inva master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.12500

    Both batteries perform well even in tough conditions. Good for Home and Commercial use.

  • Lalit Sisodia

    Would like to know which one is better Luminous ION 1500 or Luminous Eco volt 1650?

    • Admin

      We recommend Ecovolt

  • Girish Nidyamale

    Hi Admin,

    Pls let me know what to buy for the better performance and future needs in mind of the following pure sine waves.bellow all can be used between 100 ah battery to 200 ah batteries. I thought of using Exide IT500 Tall tubular battery. Pls let me which one is having better features and will last long.

    Luminous Rapid Charge 1500va Eco Volt / 12v

    Luminous Zelio 1100va /12v

    Microtek Hybrid HB 1125va / 12v

    Microtek SWE2 1115va / 12v

    Sukam Falco+(Plus) 1100va / 12v

    Exide 1450va / 12v
    Looking forward..

  • राकेश शुक्ला

    please post a review about amaron powerzone 675 va inverter also

    • Admin

      Sure , we will post.

  • राकेश शुक्ला

    also tell about the inverter with highest efficiency

  • Pavan Kumar M

    Hello Admin,
    i am planning to buy a UPS for home purpose which can sustain 5 fans + 5 tubelight + TV + mixer. my budget is approx 20k (+/-2K). please suggest a good combination.

    • Admin

      Dear Pavan kumar,
      We recommend
      Sukam falcon plus 1100 va inverter
      Exide inva master 200Ah tall tubular battery.

  • Prashant Kumar

    Dear admin, I have to buy inverter for my home. Please suggest me which is the best among these-
    1. Luminous Zelio 1100 va Sinewave
    2. Luminous Eco Volt 1050 va
    3. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 1125 va
    4. Microtek Sinewave UPS SEBz 1100 va
    5. Su-Kam Falcon+ 1100 va Pure Sinewave
    And also suggest me the best combination with the tubuler 200ah battery. Please reply me as soon as possible because I have to purchase on urgent basis and still I am confused

    • Admin

      Dear Prashant Kumar,
      We recommend this combo for powerful performance.

      Sukam Falcon plus

      Exide inva master IM 20000 (200ah) tall tubular battery.