List of Sukam “Pure Sine Wave” Inverter Models

India’s one of the leading Inverter manufacturing company Su-Kam has introduced many new models in it’s “pure sine wave” inverter series.

Pure sinewave inverters give 100% pure power as equal to the power from grid. Pure sine wave form of current is 100% safe for your sensitive equipment’s like  Computer, Laptops, LCD LED TV’s etc..

Induction stove, water heaters, Grinders, Mixers, hair dryers, washing machines, iron boxes etc.. All these House hold items will run smoothly in Pure sine wave inverters. All you need is to select Proper Inverter with suitable VA rating.

Su-Kam’s Pure sine wave inverter Models are listed below



Sukam – SHINY series –pure sine wave – 250 va to 1500va 250 va for single room
1500 va for 4 bed rooms and living room with PC
Sukam – STURDY pure sine wave– 600VA For 2 bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – FALCON pure sine wave – 800 VA For 3 bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – SMILEY pure sine wave – 1400 VA For four bed rooms and living room with PC
sukam – FUSION series – pure sine wave – 2.5 – 3.5 KVA For Using AC and water heaters in inverters
  • Amit

    Confused to choose between smiley 1400va or Shiney 1500va..
    Please suggest

    • admin

      Dear Amit,
      Go for Shiny series, it is more popular than smiley.

  • satyanand

    sir, i am buying shiny 450 va,for 1 fan 2 cfl and 21 inch flat tv with 100 ah exide express,is it a good combination?

    • admin

      Dear Sathyanand,
      Your choice is ok, But consider buying 600 VA Pure sine wave inverter.

      With 600VA inverter you can enjoy more benefits.

  • Hitesh

    Dear Sir, its Hitesh again
    It seems that luck is not with me :-D, as i already mentioned that i have Brand new Sukam shiny 850VA sinewave (Replaced one) and IT500, working fine but today i noticed some voltage flickering on my 22 watt CFL, it was not clear though but anybody can notice it… after half an hour of my backup. Sir, I was running 1 Computer (19″ LCD+1 CPU) Three ceiling Fans and 2 CFL’s at that time. Is that normal for inverters to do this at this load. The CFL acted stable at their first 1/2 hour and then flickering started.please suggest the solution.

    I also want to know that at this load, how much backup my IT500 can give which will help me to see if my battery is working properly or not.

    Load Info-Normal Computer(only LCD and CPU) +3 Ceiling fans+ 2 (22 Watt CFL)

    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Hitesh,
      It seems like overload Problem.

      1 Normal pc with 19 inch lcd – 120 w

      2 x 22 w CFL – 44 w
      3 x Normal Ceiling Fans – 240 w
      404 w

      850 VA inverter can handle load up to 540 watts.

      I think your PC is consuming more power than what we assume.

      Power consumption of PC increases when we Play games, watch HD movies and run applications like video encoding.

      So, we suggest you to test your Inverter with fan and light.

  • Pothi Kalimuthu

    Hello Admin,

    Smiley seems to have been upgraded and re-named as “Smiley The Sylish Online UPS” with LCD display and remote control software, etc. Do you have any experience with it? If yes, what’s your opinion on it?



  • raju

    hi admin, thanks a lot for info regarding ups/inverter. after reading that i bought shiny 850 va.but i can’t use 500w iron box with outout should be (70*850)580 + .what is difference between shiny and sturdy & falcon series? thanks

    • admin

      Dear Raju,
      Rarely some high power Mixie’s and Iron boxes are not compatible with 850 va Shiny sukam, they could be drawing more power than specified limit.

  • raju

    hi admin, thanks for the reply ,any difference between all them,why different names ,if all are pure sine wave?thanks

  • Muhannad

    What is the meaning of battery LED in SUKAM shiny?
    When the main power supply is back, the battery LED starts blinking for a while, then it stays ON.
    I believe when this LED is stopped blinking, it doesn’t mean that the battery is fully charged, I can tell this because after 4 hours Mains power cut, the battery LED is blinking for less that an hour, which for sure isn’t enough time for fully charging the battery in my case.

    Thanks in advance.