Home Inverter–Simple Definition !

Inverters are now turning in to an unavoidable electronic instrument even in middle class houses. I am going to guide you on buying inverter for your home or office needs.


  • Home inverter simply means, an electronic device which converts DC current from Battery to AC current. This converted AC current from inverters is used to give Power backup for Home or small Offices.
    I hope now you understand the term “power INVERTER “from this simple definition.
  • Now we can see some elaborate definition, usually in country like India, we are suffering with frequent power cuts throughout the year. To tackle this problem, installing home power inverters (UPS) according to our home needs is the first choice of most people.
  • Unlike the Power generators, the (UPS) inverters are affordable, silent and convenient. Inverter is an electronic device that converts 12 or 24 volt current from Battery to AC. So, an inverter without battery does not give any output to exide batterybackup Home during power failure. A 12 or 24 volt battery should be attached to an inverter to get AC power output.

    i am SRINIVASA Bengaluru,

    now i am so confuse to buy inverter,which is better brand ,sukam or luminous or microteck

    in my home 4 tubelight,3 fan,2 cfl,1 pc 1 tv and 1 mixergrinder

    we are use mixer grinder only when early morning power cut other wise not use,but we use light and PC daily use,tv also only use evening,

    please give suggestion which type of inverter to buy,some body told in 800 va not support mixergrinder you go to buy 1kv inverter .

    some body told 1kv not sine wave,squre wave coming you buy go 1.5 kv but 1.5 kv is too costly.

    Microteck inverter good nverter but battery charge not cut off it is effect to battery life.
    Luminous not give proper good customer service,i am confuse which is true or false..

    please help to buy which is good inverter.

    • Admin

      Dear Srinivasa,
      We recommend
      Sukam shiny puresinewave 1500va double battery inverter
      Two Exide IT500 (150ah tall tubular) batteries

      Above combination is best suitable for your load preference.
      Sukam shiny 1500 va inverter is available online for Rs.6600/- (cash on delivery) (no need to pay online)
      One Exide IT500 battery would cost Rs.14 to 14.5 K

      Buy exide battery from your nearby dealer.

  • Abhishek Gupta


    First of all I am really thankful for the info provided about power backup solutions. Its as easy to understand as ABC.. I wanted a suggestion regarding Su-Kam Smiley 850 VA. I am planning for my 3 bedroom for 3 tubelight & fan with 21″ TV. What is the price of inverter only? Is it good or should i look something else?

    • Admin

      Dear Abhishek,
      Sukam shiny850 VA is good choice for you. But we recommend not to use CRT TV with 850 va inverter as it would consume more energy during start up. You might experience over load warning from inverter if you use all your load simultaneously. Just keep an eye on your CRT TV during power cut hours.

      Sukam shiny 850 VA would cost Rs.5000/- if you buy online.
      Local market price may be between 5000 to 5500/- according to your local market demand.

  • Admin

    Dear vivek,
    You have only provided your load preference chart, we need your power backup hours requirement and your daily power outage hours detail.

    An 850 VA Pure sinewave inverter with 150 ah battery will handle your load preference.

    By Choosing a tubular battery for your inverter, you could enjoy extra battery life compared to normal lead acid deep cycle battery.

  • Anil

    I want to purchase Microtek UPS inverter SEBZ 900 VA- pure sine wave for my home, Please suggest me the battery capacity and brand of battery.

    • Admin

      Dear Anil,
      We recommend Exide Inva Master 150 AH Tall tubular battery.