Exide Mega vs. Inverter Plus Batteries


One of our reader has asked us to compare Exide Inva tubular and Inva Red  with Exide Mega series battery.

Here we go,

  • Exide Inva Tubular and Inva Red are Tubular Models with life expectancy more than 4-5 years.
  • Exide Mega 1000, Mega880 and Mega 1500 are Semi tubular batteries for inverter application with 3 years full warranty. This Model is superior to ‘Exide inverter Plus’ Models available in market.
  • Exide Inverter Plus series has only 1 to 2 years Free Replacement warranty on certain models, But Exide mega series batteries has 3 years full replacement warranty.
  • Exide Mega series batteries should be compared to Exide Inverter Plus batteries only, they should not be compared with Tubular batteries like Inva red and Inva tubular.
  • hussain

    exide mega 150ah battery, exide in+ 150ah battery which one is the best

    • admin

      Dear Hussain,
      Exide MegaInva is better than Invertor Plus, as it has long warranty compared to invertor Plus.

  • Sooraj


  • arvind gaur

    wht is the cost of Exide Mega 1000,,,

    • admin

      Exide Mega 1000 (100 ah) battery would cost Rs.9000/-

  • ranjit

    Dear Admin I am confused between invatubular-IT500 -150AH and mega 1500 150 ah..mY PLACE HAS POWER CUTS MORE THAN 15-16 hrs a day,and sometimes at a stretch for 2 days, suggest a good battery,which can be easily recharged in less interval,some dealers discouraged me for going to invatubular as it requires minimum 15 hrs for full charge,pls help

    • admin

      Dear Ranjit,
      For terrible power cut situations like 15 hours per day, there is no use of installing 150 ah single battery with 850 va single battery inverter. The 150 ah battery will not attain full charge with this terrible power cuts.

      We recommend, a double battery inverter with two 88 ah batteries to solve the battery charging problem.

      Exide original 1450 va double battery inverter with LCD display – Rs.7500/-
      Sukam shiny 1500 va inverter – Rs.7500/-


      Two Exide Invertor Plus model 88 ah batteries – Rs.6500 x 2 = Rs.13,000/-
      Exide Mega Inva 88ah battery with three years full warranty – Rs.8300 x 2 = Rs.16600/-

      Choose any one according to the availability and your budget limit.

      This configuration will work well.

      Use Exide inverter in normal charging mode when connecting 88ah battery, if you face any low backup problem, then switch it to enhanced charging mode.

  • Admin

    Dear Vishal,
    Exide mega Inva 150 ah would cost around Rs.13500 approx.