Exide Home UPS vs. SF Sonic Home UPS

Many readers would get confused in choosing the best inverter when they see two inverters from same company and with almost identical features.(Exide Home UPS and SF Sonic Home UPS)

In our Point of view, Exide Home UPS has some extra features compared to SF sonic inverter; otherwise both are good for Home use.

Electrolyte Level LED Indicator

Exide Home UPS has a Battery Electrolyte Sensor, a red LED reminds us to top-up the battery with distilled water whenever the battery electrolyte level goes down.

SF Sonic Home UPS lacks this feature and we need to manually check the electrolyte level indicator caps in the battery.

Battery Charge Mode

Exide Home UPS has three modes for battery charging whereas SF Sonic has only two modes like other inverters in the market.

Exide UPS charge modes – Normal – Enhanced – High

SF Sonic UPS – Normal and High

Exide Home UPS has one additional power output socket in its back panel which can be used in times of emergency; SF inverter has only one Output socket.



Both Inverters are from same company, both inverters are better in terms of performance and reliability.

Exide Home UPS has some advantages, the price difference is very little between both inverters.

If you decide to go for robust batteries like Exide IT 500 (150ah Tall tubular), we would recommend Exide Home UPS instead of SF sonic UPS, because Exide Home UPS has better compatibility and high charging ability according to market reports.

This doesn’t mean that SF sonic inverter is bad, it is definitely better than most other leading inverters out there. Choose the right one according to your requirement and budget.

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    Dear Vishal,
    All the details about Bye-pass switch is on the inverter manual itself.

    In case you disconnect your battery from inverter for service or any other purpose, bye-pass switch is use full to continue power supply to the gadgets that are connected in the UPS line.

    Grid power supply will be restored without messing around with any wire connections.

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    Dear Jayagopal,
    We have already posted one article related to your query,

    Read this

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  • Mohammed Thameem

    Exide home ups 850 board is burnt what could be the cost of the board for replacement pls reply

    • Admin

      Dear Mohammed,
      It would cost around ₹1250 including service charge