Exide IT500 GEL Battery – 7 Points To Consider

Recently Exide Gel batteries for UPS systems are getting popular. Gel batteries are different from normal flooded lead acid batteries.

Exide Gel Battery

Why Exide Gel Battery?

Normal flooded Lead acid batteries need distilled water topup atleast once in 3 months’ time. Many people do not have time to maintain their inverter battery which results in battery failure, cell damage and low back up problem.

For such kind of busy people, Exide has introduced a truly “No Maintenance” battery. Yes, it doesn’t need any distilled water throughout its lifetime.

Price Of Exide Gel batteries is on higher side compared to flooded lead acid batteries.

Gel Batteries have some disadvantages too.

Let us see

7 facts about Exide Gel Battery

Gel batteries have gelified electrolyte, which means a ‘gel-like’ mass formed by mixing sulfuric acid with fumed silica. This substance is static and standstill.

#1. Gel batteries have very low rate of self-discharge which is better compared to normal lead acid batteries.

#2. Gel batteries can be kept in any position, just like your briefcase (no restricted to upright position). You can fit the battery into any narrow space.

#3. Gel batteries are literally “NO Maintenance Batteries“. NO need to top-up. Truly fit and forget type of battery.

#4. The Gel used in the battery is fragile in nature and it breaks when the battery is abused with high amperage.

#5. One big Problem with Gel battery is premature battery failure if it is subjected to

-High discharge

-Quick charging with high charge current

-Rough handling

These batteries should be charged very carefully, unlike Classic Exide IT500 Flooded Lead acid battery, Exide Gel batteries are prone to damage if charged improperly.

#7. Exide IT500 Gel 150 Ah has 48 Month warranty which is very similar to Classic Exide IT500 150 Ah battery. No big difference in service life.

Exide Gel Battery – Available Range

Model Capacity
Exide IT350 GEL 100 Ah
Exide IT450 GEL 135 Ah
Exide IT500 GEL 150 Ah
  • Tanmoy Kumar Das

    what is the price?

    • Admin

      Dear Tanmoy,
      Exide IT500 GEL battery would cost around Rs.16500 to 17200

      Life Expectation: 5 to 7 years

  • Syed

    Hello there,

    Can you please compare (pros & cons) Su-Kam Shiny 900VA Vs Microtek SEBZ 900VA and also for battery Amaron Crtt 150AH Vs Exide InvaMaster IM10000 150AH Tall Tubular batteries. Which combination of the above (out of 4 possible combinations) should I go for?

    PS: Load around 550W-600W, mostly tech gadgets [computer, laptop, etc] & a couple of lights and a couple of fans usage.

    Please do reply, I’ve to finalize.

    • Admin

      Dear Syed,
      For your load preference, we would recommend

      Luminous zelio inverter
      Exide Inva Master 150 ah Tall tubular

      Zelio is better than shiny and microtek sebz

  • MK

    Is Exide Gel Magic 150AH battery different that Exide IT 500 GEL Battery? Also, unable to find Exide Gel magic battery on the website – http://www.exide4u.com/

    • Admin

      Dear MK,
      Exide Gel Magic has 48 months replacement warranty and life
      expectancy of 7 years.

      Good choice for Home use.

  • Thomas

    Dear admin can i use exide it500 gel battery for sukam falcon plus ups

    • Admin

      100% compatible with Falcon plus.

      • Thomas

        Which ups is best falcon plus or falcon plus plus

        • Admin

          Falcon plus is the most stable release from sukam.

  • harisvpr

    Thanks for the awesome infos and active post. Could you clarify my doubt?? Since my existing battery life died, I am planning to change it to new one. But I am confused with below models. Please suggest the best one for my requirement .
    1. Exide INVA TUBULAR IT500
    2. Exide Solatron
    3. Exide Gel magic IT 500

    I am planning to install solar unit also at my home near future. So, If I am buying other than Solatron, whether that battery is compatible with my future solar plan?

  • MTL

    What is the difference between the two 1500 AH batteries by Exide: IT 500 Gel and GelMagic 1500? Which is better for inverter?

  • Tutsseeker

    Hi there, I am confused between Luminous zelio 1100va and falcon + 1100va inverters and as for battery Exide Invatubular IT500 150 AH and Exide gel magic 150 AH. Please tell me which inverter and battery will be the best. Waiting here. Thanks

    • Admin

      Dear Tutsseeker ,
      Go for
      Sukam Falcon plus 1100 Va
      Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 Ah

      IT500 needs some periodic distilled water topups , but it is robust and has better life expectancy compared to any other tubular battery in this range.

      • Tutsseeker

        Thank a lot Sir, came to know about sukam falcon hbu 1100va, Is it better than falcon+?

        • Admin

          No, we recommend Falcon + only.

          • Tutsseeker

            Thank you Sir. It helps a lot.

          • Tutsseeker

            Well, Falcon + 110VA also have MCB which is not mentioned even on the site but seems like they are providing now. 🙂

          • Tutsseeker

            Dear Sir, I have to put the battery into the living room because of less space so is it fine to use Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 Ah or I should go for Exide gel magic 150 AH as it produce no fumes. I have to use it with Falcon+. Kindly answer. Thanks

          • Admin

            It is OK to use IT500 Exide in Living Room, make sure your living room is ventilated well.

          • Tutsseeker

            Thank you Sir. 🙂

          • Imsutoba

            Hi sir……can you please advise me the most affordable and energy efficent + power saving portable(table) fan for inverter……thanks

  • UKm

    Thanks a lot ! As per your advise bought Luminous Zelio 1100, Exide IM10000 and trolley. 20000 in Chennai.
    The battery distilled water level is low… The dealer says topping it now will make the battery low efficient and has to be topped only 3 months later.. Is it True? Need your advice

    • Admin

      Dear Ukm,
      Distilled Water Topping should be done whenever the battery acid level is low. Don’t wait for 3 months ☺

  • jkvallam

    Hi Admin,
    Your articles on inverters & batteries are so helpful and have done the readers a great help.
    Thanks a lot for that…

    I plan to go for complete usage of solar power in my home after 2 years.
    But for time being, I intend to buy an inverter & battery to use during power shedding for 3 fans, 3 tube light, 1 fridge, 1 laptop.
    I thought if I buy a Solar battery (tubular – 150Ah, 12V) it’ll be more useful in future than a normal battery due to the C10 rating. Also the price difference is not so much. Is it ok?

    For inverter, I’m confused between Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA, Microtek UPS – SWE² 1115VA & Microtek UPS Hybrid HB 1125VA.

    Kindly suggest an inverter which will support for my current & future purposes.
    If there’s any better inverter & battery, kindly suggest.


    • Admin

      Dear jkvallam,
      It is ok to use solar c10 150 ah battery with normal inverter.

      For inverter
      You can go for
      Luminous zelio or sukam Falcon plus

      Both models are powerful in battery charging, and also your battery will get better life.

      • jkvallam

        Thanks a lot Admin…

  • Jaswant Singh

    I have a 1 KW Solar PV System installed with Energy Leader Make VRLA Battery Bank (2 Volt, 300Ah, 12 Cells) at my residence on the following address –

    Mr. Jaswant Singh
    Villa No. 4418, Achievers Builders, Badkhal Pali Road
    Near Sainik Colony, Sector-49, Faridabad-121001 (Haryana)

    This system is 5 years old and now its not giving me a power backup, it need to be replaced, this time I want to replace it with
    HBL Make : VRLA Battery Bank of 24 Volt, 200 Ah.

    Please send me your best commercial offer for on site delivery under exchange option of Old Battery Bank.

    • Admin

      Dear Jaswant,
      At upsinverterinfo.com we do not sell or buy any products. We only provide unbiased reviews and useful information related to ups/inverters and batteries.

  • Ishan

    Hi admin ,
    Im doing a project and really need some info on the running cost of a inverter. Like charging, discharging and running the inner electrical along with the cooling fan .

  • Sakthivel Guruswamy

    What is the best choice for house use in terms of maintainability, power backup hours – Exide 150AH IT 500 vs Exide 150AH IT 500 Gel. I have Exide IT 500 which recently battery failed after 5 years service. Will Exide 200AH IT 750 be better for better hours of battery backup.


    I am planning to purchase Sukam Falcon plus inverter by referring your discussion on this site but confuse on IT 500 EXIDE battery and IT 500 GEL. Please advise in this. I need it for 2 bhk flat I like advantages of IT 500 GEL Battery.

    • Admin

      Go for IT500 Gel, no problem. Falcon plus will take care of your battery.


        Thanks admin. I called exide dealer & he told me that IT 500 GEL MAGIC is available. Which I should prefer between IT 500 GEL or IT 500 GEL MAGIC?
        Please advise.

        • Admin

          Exide Gel Magic is fine 🙂

  • Rajesh

    Hi admin ..
    I am from kerala.. i plan to buy 900 VA sukam shiny inverter with exide IT 500… but EXide dealer says that sukam inverter’s charging ampere is very high.. ie 12. it will reduce the battery life. it is safe to buy an inverter with charging ampere is below 9.. is it correct.???.or any truth in it???.. i hope your valuable reply…
    Can you suggest any other best combination of inverter and battery for home use..

    • Admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      I wonder how these dealers manage to do inverter and battery business without any basic knowledge of product they sell.

      Exide IT 500 is most reliable and most successful battery which is capable of withstanding 21 amp charge current.

      If you don’t want to quick charge your battery then you don’t need to buy expensive IT 500. There are so many other choices.

      • Rajesh

        Hi admin
        Thanks for your valuable reply… as an experienced person Plz suggest a 150 AH Exide tubular battery other than IT 500 which can be used with 900 VA inverter and also suggest an inverter brand. Sir what about exide IM 10000) Dealer is really confusing me saying a lot of things about battery and inverter..


        • Admin

          Dear Rajesh,
          Sukam shiny inverter is classic model and at the same time it is not efficient in low voltage conditions.

          In such case, you can choose either sukam Falcon plus 1100 Va or luminous zelio 1100 (900 va model)

          Both models are efficient in low voltage and any kind of arduous conditions.
          For battery,

          We recommend Exide Inva Master IM10000 tall tubular 150 ah battery.

          Alternatively you can choose Luminous ILTT 18048 (150 Ah ) tall tubular model battery.

          • Rajesh

            thanks for your valuable reply…. Sir is there any air pollution problem by using tubular battery that harmful to health.. Exide IT Gel battery is more safe??

          • Admin

            Don’t keep the battery in your bed room.

            Use high quality ceramic vent caps.

  • Ajay

    I need home inverter please tell me is best company for inverter + battery. I need cooler use most imp

    • Admin

      Dear Ajay,
      We recommend Luminous zelio 1100(900va), Sukam Falcon plus 1100 Va, and APC Home UPS.

      For Battery

      Exide,Amaron and Luminous are better in terms of quality and service.

  • Vivek Ahlawat

    Hello Admin,
    Read the queries and your replies. It has given me good understanding on the subject. Request you to please clarify few of my queries. 1. Does the Exide gel batteries emit no acidic fumes while being charged. If so then is it fairly safe to keep them at a available space which is no so well ventilated. 3. Is there any other good brand like Amron etc. which also makes gel based inverter batteries. 4. Please suggest the best inverter for home use, the load capacity is about 1100VA but I plan to buy 1600VA to cater for any future load additions. Also for future use it should be solar compatible. In fact after market research, somehow I am impressed by Sukam products.

  • Dibyendu Maji

    Finally updated my old inverter setup to Exide IT500 GEL Magic Battery + Su – Kam Falcon Plus 900VA for 16800/- and 5700/-

    No more square-wave humming noise….
    thanks to Admin for suggesting Gel Battery…
    i like Any-side up and zero Maintenance feature..

    • Admin

      Thank you!👍

  • Mohammad Nadeem

    Hi Admin,
    Thank you for the info which you provide on batteries and inverters. It really helps us in choosing the appropriate battery and inverter.
    I live in Hyderabad where the power cut is rare (except in heavy rains and wind) and I’m planning to buy battery+inverter. After going through your reviews, I’ve decided to go for Exide TM500 but it’s not available in market. Likewise Exide InvaMaster IM10000 also unavailable. So, I opted to go for Exide InstaBrite IB1500 which of 11.5k. But interesting thing is that the seller suggested me to go for BOSS tubular battery (tall battery) which from EXIDE and comes around 11.5K. So, Can you please let me know whether I should go for BOSS battery or Exide InstaBrite Battery or MicroTek 150 AH battery(Short battery – 10.5K). Thank you in advance.
    Also please provide your inputs on Su-kam Shiny 900 VA.

  • Mohammad Nadeem

    Hi Admin, Could you please suggest me on best battery(150AH) available with LOW price. Also provide your input on BOSS batteries from Exide.

  • Abhi

    What is the price of Exide IT500 GEL Magic Battery + Su – Kam Falcon Plus 900VA in Pune.and who are the best dealers for above products in pune for after service and cost.

  • Mohammad Nadeem

    Hi Admin, Please provide your inputs on Exide InstaBrite IB1500(150AH) and also let me know the suitable inverter for it.

    • Admin

      Sure , i will post a review on this.

      • Mohammad Nadeem

        Hi Admin, could you please review on Exide instabrite battery.

  • Nataraj

    Dear Sir,
    I read the below comment about Exide Gel magic 1500 .
    “One big Problem with Gel battery is premature battery failure if it is subjected to
    -High discharge
    -Quick charging with high charge current
    -Rough handling ”
    I don’t understand “High discharge”. does it mean many fans and TV running at a same time or something else. Please explain me and advise Exide Gel will create any problem if more fans and big LED TV are running at the same time.

    • Admin

      Dear Nataraj,
      A Good inverter will never allow the battery to high discharge or anything like high charge current.

      Use Branded inverter, your battery will last long.

      • Nataraj

        Thank you Sir. I have been using Luminous 875VA inverter. Looking for the battery after my current one is dead. Please suggest me a good & long lasting 150Mah battery. Exide Gel magic 1500 is good? please advice.

        • Admin


  • Binod Bihari Nahak

    dear sir,

    we are in need exide it500 12 v gel battery

  • Anup Bansal

    Dear Admin,
    What is the main difference between Exide Inva Tubular (IT-500) & Exide Invago 1500 and Exide Gelmagic 1500.. Which is better & why? I want to use at my home with Sukam Falcon+ 1100 VA

  • Aonok

    Hello Admin, I have a vivibright gp 90 projector with the power supply specifications of AC 90-240V, 50-60 Hz and input of ~100-24-vac 3.5 A 50/60Hz.

    I am currently using and the falcon plus 1600 va inverter with 2(Two) exide IT 500 inva tubular battery (bought after receiving your kind recommendation).

    Is it ok to use the above mentioned projector with the inverter and battery I have?

    Your kind recommendation would be greatly appreciated again. Thanks