Difference between Automobile Battery and Inverter Battery

Many People inquire me about Using Automobile Battery in Invertors, even some technicians in the Inverter field are also not too clear about this issue. So, I want to write a post about this issue and clarify the doubt of newbies and some professionals.

Normally in inverter field, many Battery power store owners are selling automobile batteries for inverters. They are not aware of the properties of automobiles batteries. Actually the automobile batteries have more number of lead plates to facilitate quick and large amount of power output during engine starting. They give large amount of power for few seconds to start the engine, not continuously, Whereas the Inverter batteries give steady power output for long time.


Deep Cycle Batteries:

The inverter batteries are normally called deep cycle batteries. The battery plates in such type batteries won’t get damaged even in deep discharge condition. But the automobile battery is quite different from deep cycle batteries, if an automobile battery is discharged deeply, then definitely it will damage the lead plates and reduce the battery life

Conclusion: Using automobile battery in inverter application is not recommended .

  • Sanjay kumar

    I get very confused to buy whether exide, sukam or luminous invatubular. Previously I used luminous invatubular which gave consistence performance of 44 month. I want a new one. I have luminous inverter of 800VA. Please guide for brand and AH to suit inverter.

  • Krishnamoorthi

    I have installed Microbest 400 Watt invertor with AMS tubalar battery 12 Volt and 80 AH Capacity during april 2005. Till date the invertor and battery is working with good condition.

    • Hitesh

      wow….Krishnamoorthi …how frequent and for what application you use it.