Difference between 600VA and 850VA Inverter – How to Choose?

Which inverter to choose – 600 VA or 850 VA?

This is one of the question frequently asked by readers of this blog. Normally people who decide to buy 600 VA inverter gets easily confused to choose between this two VA ranges.

Though 850 VA inverters has many advantages like compatibility with high power Kitchen mixers and ½ hp water pumps, 600 VA inverter is also has its own advantages and some valid reasons to consider.


600 va


Advantages of 600 VA inverter

If you are going to use inverter for just powering up your laptop + 2 ceiling fans + 1tubelight, then a 600 VA inverter is enough for you. It is unnecessary to invest your money in 850 VA inverter , which you are not going to utilize 100%.

The same thing applies to the following configurations also

2 ceiling fans + 2 tube lights + 2 CFL lamps

3 Fans + 3 CFL lamps

2 Fan + one 15 Inch crt TV + 2 CFL lamps

One Low power Kitchen Mixer (below 400 watts- need to switch off all other loads when using Mixie)

¼ hp small water motors

RO water purifiers

1 Desktop PC with CRT 17 inch monitor + 1 Fan

One Desktop PC with LCD monitor + one fan + 1 tube light + 2 CFL

One Laptop + 2 Fans + 1 Tube

One 32 inch LCD TV + 1 Fan + 3 CFL

Cons of 600 VA inverter

Not compatible with Most Kitchen mixers which are currently available in market (more than 500 watts power)

Not compatible with most 21 inch CRT TV’s

Advantages of 850 VA Inverters

Both 600 VA and 850 VA inverters are best sellers in single battery range of inverters for home and office use.

850 VA inverter are definitely power packed and most recommended by all inverters dealers and technicians, as it has some advantages over 600 Va inverters.

Let me list out some advantages,

Better charging current than 600 VA inverter, it charges the batteries above 100 ah little faster than 600 VA inverter.

More compatibility with wide range of batteries – 600 VA inverter is compatible with 80 ah to 150 ah battery – 850 VA inverters are compatible with 80ah to 200ah

Though 600 VA inverter can handle a 150 ah battery, the 850 va inverter charges the 150 ah battery better than 600.

Using the inverter to its fullest capacity is not recommended and it would reduce the life of inverter in long run. So, even if your load preference is suitable for 600 va, we would recommend 850 va inverter for the sake of inverter’s health. Lower stress on inverter, higher the life expectancy.

In most of the homes in India Kitchen mixer is one of the essential gadget which our women need mostly. So, powering up your Kitchen mixer with inverter is also a basic amenity in Indian homes. Now modern day kitchen mixers are more powerful and power hungry with more than 500 watts, a 600 va inverter cannot handle this load, but an 850 va inverter will handle this load flawlessly.

Hope the points I have listed above are enough to help you choose between 600 and 850 va inverters.

sukam torque

Some additional points

All the points furnished here apply to both Squarewave and Pure sinewave inverters.

We strongly recommend Pure sine wave inverter for your home or office use. Square wave inverter is not compatible for sensitive electronic gadgets and it will spoil your costly items any time abruptly.

Both 600 and 850 VA Inverters are not compatible with Iron boxes, hair dryers and Immersion water heaters. So, don’t even try these gadgets with inverter power, as it would trip your inverter.

135ah is the best partner for 600VA inverter and 150ah battery is the best combination for 850 van inverter.

All points mentioned about 850 va inverter applies to all 800, 850 and 900 va inverters.

Price difference is between 600 and 850 va is minimal, choose 600 VA inverter if your load preference is very low or your budget is very tight.

Price guideline for 600 and 850 VA inverters

Microtek Pure sine wave Inverter UPS SEBz850 VA – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

Sukam 850 va Pure sine wave inverter Model ‘shiny’ – Rs.5500/-

Exide Pure sine wave 850 va inverter – Rs.5500 to 6000/-

Luminous 850 va Pure sinewave inverter models – Rs.5500 to 6500/-

Microtek 600 VA square wave inverter UPS EB600 – Rs.3500 to 3750/-

Microtek 600 VA pure sine wave UPS SEBz 600 VA – Rs.4000 to 4500/-

If you have any doubts on this, feel free to post your comments below, we will answer your queries on the same day itself. Smile

  • abdul razak

    how many solar panels are sufficient for the 850va inverter connected batteries

    • admin

      Dear Abdul,
      Dear abdul, its better to post your questions regarding solar inverters in the posts related to solar.

      We are going to launch a separate category for Solar inverters, batteries and panels in this week, follow our blog for more updates.

      • Atul

        Hi admin I am planing to buy inverter suggest me any pure shine inverter which can work on single battery and in future I want to use two battery. total load i have is around 500 W

  • Naif

    Thanks for this article, you are doing a great job! There aren’t many resources for inverters on the Internet but luckily I came across your blog!

    I am wondering what kind of inverter and battery I would need for the following:

    1 PC with 21″ LED monitor
    4 Tubelights
    4 Fans

    I want it to work for up to 4 hours everyday! 🙂 If it’s not practical to run a PC, no problem. I’ll shut it down but I will need it to provide the other two things I mentioned above.

    Also a tip, it would be helpful if you created ‘Buying Guides’ for general user requirements. I am sure many Indian readers would benefit from such guides.

    Thank you for efforts! Much appreciated.

    • admin

      Dear Naif,
      Your Load preference with PC (for 4hrs backup) just exceeds the limit of 850 VA inverter and we would recommend 1500 VA Pure sine wave inverter with Two IT400 or IT500 or ‘Mega Inva 150ah’ batteries.

      If you Plan to exclude PC from your load preference, then we would recommend 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery.

      • Naif

        Hey, thanks for your help.

        Just wanted to update you that I purchased the following:

        Su-Kam Shiny 850VA (6000 INR)
        Su-Kam 150AH Tubular battery (13000 INR)

        This included installation charges.

        • admin

          Dear Naif,
          We appreciate your attitude, sharing the prices would help other users to buy the product without getting cheated by dealers.

          Thank you once again for expressing your gratitude!

  • Chandra Sekhar

    sir, would you suggest the price of Exide IT500, 150 ah battery.
    I am from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (south side)

    • admin

      Dear Chandrasekar,
      IT500 would cost between Rs.13500 to 14500/-

  • M. S. Chouhan

    I want to buy a UPS for home to run 3 CFL Lamps + 3 ceiling fans & a desktop computer( which I can shutdown during a prolonged power cut) as soon as possible.
    I’ve a choice between
    Su-Kam Falcon 800 VA Inverter + Su-Kam 150 AH Battery
    Luminous 875 VA Inverter + Luminous Lt 550 160 AH Battery
    The price is nearly the same but which is better?
    I’m using an Exide Chloride inverter + Exide Invatubular IT 500 120AH battery. The chloride inverter has been nothing but a nightmare since day one. During accidental overload the glass fuse doesn’t just blow but the whole fuse assembly melts( has happened several times) .In its Ups mode it keeps switching to battery backup at night when the voltage climbs above 260 which is a big nuisance. The microchip card had to be replaced twice. Now that it’s no longer under warranty no service is being provided to me. I was rudely told by the customer helpline to find someone else to repair it since there was no local service center & out of warranty sets were not to serviced at site by the company.
    Are luminous or Su-kam Invatubalar batteries as good as Exide’s ?
    Are inverters with MCBs instead of glass fuse better? Are there any inverters with built in voltage regulators to help cope with high & low incoming voltages instead of going to battery back up?
    Also what is this DSP technology I keep hearing about? Please help me choose as I’m at my wits end.

    • admin

      Dear Chouhan,
      Well……..it’s pretty long comment.

      One solution to all your problem is changing your existing inverter with latest branded inverter.

      You asked about DSP technology, it is nothing but “Digital Signal Processing”

      All modern day branded inverters are equipped with DSP Technology, which safeguards your inverter and connected gadgets from sudden high voltage or even lightning attack. NO worries, just buy sukam, microtek, luminous, APC or any other branded inverter to solve the issue.

    • srinivas

      i have purchased ups of APC make and Exide IT500ah. Although, the combination of this is pretty costly, i haven’t faced any problems – literally. there is not much difference in price of ups across different variants. APC – pure sine wave 850VA costs 6500/- excluding tax in dec-2012.

      others costs may be a thousand less.


  • mangeshvsn

    I want know about solar inverter. tell me about brand which will be useful. ? these inverter will be charged by solar energy only?


    Thank you for your answers.

    What happens when a 850VA inverter is used with 100 Ah battery. Does battery life reduces due to charging with over current. I know the backup time reduces but any other risk will rise other than that?

    • admin

      Dear Prakash,
      Modern day branded inverters are intelligent enough to sense the state of charge of battery attached to it and it automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery.

      So, no need to worry about high current or any other compatibility issues.

      Not only 100 ah battery, even a 80 ah invertor plus exide battery is 100% compatible with 850 va inverter. So don’t believe any rudimentary statements from newbie battery dealers.

  • sharath

    dear sir,

    am planning to buy inverter but in my home town am able to get only microtek SW E2 875 v instead of microtek SEBz 850 v.
    could you please suggest me which one is better in those two.

    • admin

      Dear Sharath,
      If only sw e2 875 is available, without hesitation you can go for it. UPS SEBz is classic model which ensures reliability and longevity. SW E2 is also has its own advantages like high efficiency and intelligent charging technology.

  • Dear sir

    i have 15000 Rs. for buy 3 year warranty battery and a pure sign wave copper wire inverter. can you suggest me which brand is suited for me in my pocket.

    • admin

      Dear Jitendra Kumar,
      We recommend

      Sukam shiny model 650 VA Pure sine wave inverter – Rs.4500 to 4800/-

      Exide Mega Inva 100 ah battery with 3 years full replacement warranty – Rs.9000/-

      This configuration will serve you better for prolonged Duration.


      Additionally, we want to suggest you

      Microtek sine wave model ‘UPS SEBz’850 VA inverter – Rs.5000/-

      Exide Invertor Plus model 135 ah battery Rs.10.000 to 10,500/- (2 years full warranty)

      Choose any one of the two combinations suggested.

  • saba

    dear sir,
    i am running a small play nd nursery school of three classes.actually i dont have any knowledge about inverters but after reading your views and comments i think that a 600 VA inverter would be enough for my school because powercutts are rare 3-4 times in a month nd this is also not sure.so can u please advice me for the same which inverter,battery nd all i should go for with best minimum price without sacrificing the quality.

    • admin

      Dear Saba,
      If you plan not to include any computers in your load preference, we would recommend

      Microtek UPS SEBz600VA sine wave inverter – Rs.4200/-


      Sukam shiny 650 va inverter


      EXIDE 650VA inverter with lcd display (not ceil)

      For battery

      we recommend

      Exide 135 ah Invertor Plus with two years warranty – Rs10500/-

      Amaron Current Short tubular CRST 150 ah with 2 years full warranty + 1 year Prorata warranty.

  • JaneFinn

    I am planning to buy a 850VA sine wave inverter and 150 aH battery to power 1 tubelight+ 1 fan + 1 laptop. Please advise me if this is correct, also suggest a reliable brand for the invertor and battery.

    • admin

      Dear JaneFinn,
      Your selection of inverter and Battery Ah is perfect for your load preference.

      We recommend
      Exide Original Inverter 850 va with LCD display – Rs.5500/-
      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah with three years full warranty – Rs.12800 to 13000/-

  • shera.syan

    I’ve been using Genus 800-HZ 800va 12v inverter without a single failure in the past 5 years. Along with it I purchased Exide inverter plus IN 1650 Plus battery which is nowadays giving me 4hrs backup when I am running 3 fans 1 cfl of 20w.
    Inverter cost was 4800/- with 2 year warranty.
    Battery cost 10,400/- returned white battery got rebate of Rs.2000 so paid 8400 for battery. 18 months warranty.

    In April’s last week this year both of them turned 5 years
    old. Genus is good inverter I don’t know why you people do not review it.

  • kishoregountia

    Which is better Exide 850 pure sine wave or su kam 850 sine wave

    • admin

      Exide 850 va inverter is best in terms of advanced features like LCD display and 3 modes for charging

      Sukam is better in terms of reliability and longevity

  • Admin

    Dear Clara Naik,
    For your load preference,
    We would recommend

    Sukam 850 VA Sine wave (Shiny model) Inverter
    Exide Inva master tall tubular
    INVAMASTER 15000 – 200 AH battery

    This combo is powerful enough to handle your load preference,

    Affordable too !

  • ARIF

    I HAVE USAGE OF 5-6 CFL (15W)

    • Admin

      Yes you can

  • Admin

    Dear Sunil sharma,
    Inverter – Rs.4500
    Battery – Rs.12500 (tall tubular 150 with 48 months warranty)

  • Admin

    Dear Samim,
    Your choice is OK, but instead of Exide Inverter Plus
    150AH, go for Exide Tube Master TM500 18+18 months warranty 150 AH Tall tubular battery. Price is almost same.

    Exide Tube master 150 ah tall tubular – Rs.10500 to 11000

    • Samim Mohammad

      Thanks for your suggestions, I saw Exide TM500 150AH cost online showing Rs.15000/ is that over priced, should I search for local dealer.

      • Admin

        Buy from your local dealer, it could cost around Rs,10500 only.

        NOT more than 11k

        • Samim Mohammad

          Thanks a lot.

  • Uma


    I am trying to buy an inverter ..APC 850VA.
    Requirements at home would be in general 2 fans, 2 laptops, 1 broadband plug point, 1 mixer, 3 lights, 50 inch Led TV ( not full time though).

    What battery is recommended for an above usage?

    • Admin

      Dear Uma,
      A Pure sine wave inverter 900VA + 150 ah tall tubular battery
      is recommended for your load requirement.

      If your budget permits, you could opt in for 200 ah battery for better backup time.

      • Uma


        Exide battery will be good?


        • Admin

          Choose the right model. It will perform well.

          • Uma

            OK..thanks.. Will check for 150 tubular battery or 180 of so.

            Thanks for the prompt response.

          • Admin

            Always Welcome!

  • Div R

    Diffrence between Exide Inva Red 500 PlusExide Inva Red 500 Plus Vs Exide Inva Master-IM 8500 which one is good.
    Price for both in Pune. Saler quotes Inva plus 11k and Inva Master 10.5k.

    • Admin

      We recommend Exide Inva Master:)

  • Admin

    Dear Provat,
    For your load preference, we would like to recommend

    Sukam Falcon + 1050 VA pure sine wave inverter
    Exide Inva Master 150 AH tall tubular battery.
    If you do not have any budget constraints, consider Exide Inva Master 200 Ah tall tubular battery for better backup.
    As a second option,
    we would like to recommend
    Microtek HB950 Hybrid Inverter – Pure sine wave inverter

    It is a 950 VA inverter which would handle your load seamlessly.
    It is lowest priced inverter available online

    cost only Rs.4200/- online

    check the price here

    • Krishnan Arumugam

      I want to use 600 w mixer grinder . I purchased 1050 eco volt sine wave ups with 150ah battery. Kindly advise

  • Admin

    Thank you , you’re Welcome!

  • Mustafa Tinwala

    In addition to my query earlier, kindly provide your opinion on the quality & cost for the quote received for
    1) Luminous 850 VA Eco Volt Invertor
    2) Luminous 120Ah ILT 15000 Tubular Battery
    Total Amount : 12,900/- includes taxes & installation.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Admin

      Looks like a fair deal!

      • Mustafa Tinwala

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Hope the quality of the product is good too.

  • savya sharma

    I have bought Sukam inverter falcon 800va , which battery is best suited for it

    • Admin

      Dear Savya Sharma ,
      We recommend 150 ah tubular battery for better performance and life.

  • Ghanshyam

    Any one can help me………..
    I am using Microtek 600EB inverter at my computer Shop….
    For some reason I want to know about the power consumption of this inverter…Please tell me the power consumed of this inverter in Unit Watt…………
    My contact No is 9997819430

  • Harish

    A general question on usage of IRON BOX with Inverters. Do they damage Inverter is used for long duration?

    • Admin

      We do not recommend using iron box with normal home inverter.

  • Subhasish

    sir can use 80ah battery in Exide 850 va inverter

    • Admin

      Yes you can use it 🙂

  • Subhasish

    Sir i have a 80ah car battery can i use it with 850 va inverter and how long the backup time

    • Admin

      Dear subashish,
      You can use 80 ah car battery with 850 va inverter, make sure you select normal charging mode when you use 80 ah battery.

  • Chandra Sekhar

    Plz tell me the formula of calculation for watts calculation and battery backup calculation.
    I want to use 2 tube lights, 2 fans, 1 PC with 19″ LCD with minimum 2 hours backup.
    Please suggest me the best inverter and battery at medium cost.

  • Asif Qazi

    Hi all, Greetings from across the boarder.
    I have Duetche Power Solo series inverter with 600 VA rating.
    I want to know what battery capacity do I need to power 2 ceiling fans plus 4 20 Watts energy savers?
    Currently I’m using a 225ah battery that is now 1 year old and after reading your blog i think its over the recommended capacity of this UPS.
    Also my electricity bill is almost doubled after installing the UPS.
    Please suggest me correct battery rating.
    Thank you.

  • James Ponraj


    I have bought a new SF Sonic Stanmaster 10000 (150 Ah),
    My Digital 1000HPH Inverter is out of order.
    I do have a option of using a Mickrotek 1500ses Inverter with me, will be compatible?
    If not, Can you suggest an appropriate Inverter with appropriate Capacity