Budget UPS for Single Room – Under Rs.6500/- How to Buy?

Even though we have written many articles about UPS configuration for normal users, most of our recommendations are like

850 VA Inverter + 150 AH battery,

In which the total cost is more than Rs.10,000/-

A large number of people are out there, who need power backup for only single room, and it could be either a bachelor room or office room.

For those people with very low power backup requirement, we would like to recommend a highly budget conscious Inverter+Battery configuration, which comes under the total cost of Rs.6500/-.

luminous ion 300 exide champion

‘Luminous Ion 300’ model inverter – Rs.1800/-

Exide Champion 65 AH battery – Rs.4500/-

Installation charges – Rs.200/-


Total cost = Rs.6500/-


Is 65 AH battery sufficient for 2 hour backup?

Yes, it is sufficient to avail 2 hours backup for one ceiling fan + one CFL.

Also, you can charge your mobile with this UPS. No probs.

Shall i connect big size tubular battery with this tiny inverter?

Yes, you can connect batteries ranging from 65 ah to 120 ah with this tiny inverter. It is compatible with both flat plate and tubular batteries.

Luminous has designed this inverter to perform well in tough environment.

Is it safe to use Automobile Battery for this inverter?

Yes, it is 100% safe. ‘Luminous Ion 300’ model inverter is just a 250 VA inverter, which doesn’t impose heavy load on battery, so this configuration will work flawlessly.

Battery life – 2 to 3 years

Installation Charge Rs.200/- ?????? Are you joking?

No, I am not joking, you could finish the installation for just Rs.200/-.

As this inverter setup is for only one room, we advise to place the inverter and battery in any small table or stand, right below the switch board. This idea eliminates the extra wire cost during installation. Total cost of wire will be under just 50 Rupees.

Ask the electrician to connect the fan and light switches to UPS line (also one plug point for mobile charging)

That’s it!


Total time required to install UPS following above ideas is hardly 20 mins.

For 20 mins work, Rs.150 is good enough for the electrician.

Uff…Final cost is under Rs.6500/-

Do you have any ideas or questions related to this article? Just drop in a comment, we will follow!

  • Infant Allwin

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to buy inverter and battery for my home to support a PC, 42 inch Plasma TV and 1 tubelight. kindly suggest models to consider for this requirement.


    • Admin

      Dear Allwin,
      42 inch Plasma TV’s are extremely power hungry gadgets
      compared to LED TV’s.

      A 42 Inch Plasma Tv would consume 180 to 280 watts per hour whereas a 42 Inch LED TV consumes 80 to 90 watts per hour.

      42 Inch Plasma – 230 watts approx.
      PC with LCD monitor – 160 watts
      1 tube light – 40 watts ——————————————————-
      Total – 430 watts

      I would like to recommend you

      Sukam Shiny 850 VA Pure sine wave Inverter – Rs.4000/- (online Price) +
      Exide Inva Master Tall Tubular 150 Ah battery – Rs.12,500/-

      Sukam shiny inverter model and Exide Inva Master batteries are widely available in the market and most affordable and reliable products too.

  • Admin

    Dear Allwin,

    Sukam shiny 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter is available for Rs.4015/- here http://upsinverterinfo.com/recommends/sukam-shiny-850va-pure-sinewave-inverter ———————————————————————————

  • Admin

    Dear SuvidKumar,
    An one ton AC would consume around 3.5Kva power
    and we would recommend to install 5 Kva Solar Inverter for better performance.

  • Rahul M

    well in Bangalore you get local inverted 200kv at rs 1000 to 1800 ( yes includes batter). Really benefit of fully local made at Peenya in Bangalore ; sold for Bangalore people

  • Aditya Singh

    From where can i buy this product

  • Julhas Shaikh

    Luminous Ion 300’ model inverter – Rs.1800/-

    Exide Champion 65 AH battery – Rs.4500/-

    is it possiable to run a single pc with 18.5” led for 1.5 hour???

    • Admin

      Yes, it is possible ☺

  • Neha Saxena

    Hi admin team.
    I wanted backup for 1 fan 1 CFL and 2 charging ports for laptop and mobile. What is you suggestion.

    • Admin

      Dear Neha,
      We recommend 650va pure sine wave inverter with 100 Ah battery.

  • Swamy Yadav

    hi admin,
    i want to run my fan and cfl bulb with minimum 6-8 hrs backup can you please tell me which is best configuration for this requirement along with cost

    • Admin

      Dear Swamy Yadav,
      We recommend 850va pure sinewave inverter with 100 Ah normal inverter battery for your requirement.

      The total cost would be around ₹12,500/-