5 Reasons why Microtek discontinued SOLAR inverter square wave model

Microtek has recently launched two new Hybrid Solar inverter Models in the market.

1. UPS SOLAR SS 1065 (12V single battery System)

2. UPS SOLAR SS 1660 (24V double battery System)

The Main attraction of this model is its Output waveform.

Yes, both NEW models are pure sine wave inverters.

DisContinued Square wave SOLAR Inverter Model

Previously, Microtek has introduced a square wave solar hybrid Inverter model (UPS SLB 850 & 1400) which is still in sale at some online stores and local microtek dealer outlets.

It seems like Microtek has discontinued the square wave solar inverter Model. They have removed it from their official website.

In UPSINVERTERINFO, we have already published one prelaunch review about Microtek UPS SLB (square wave solar hybrid inverter)

The Model Microtek UPS SLB reportedly discontinued now due to the competition from Luminous and Su-kam, leading companies which are manufacturing solar Hybrid Pure Sine wave inverters for Home Use.

Microtek has now replaced the Old square wave Solar model UPS SLB with the launch of New Pure sine wave Hybrid solar inverter model ‘ UPS SOLAR SS 1065 & 1660’

Note: As the old model is still in sale @ some stores, ensure that you are buying the new pure sine wave SOLAR hybrid Inverter model from Microtek.

UPS SLB 850-Old Model

specs of old model-solar

Why Microtek discontinued the Square wave Inverter Model?

1. Square wave Inverters are outdated in Indian market

2. Tough competition from rival models ‘Sukam Brainy SOLAR Inverter’ and ‘Luminous Solar UPS’. Both models are Pure sine wave and better than Microtek’s Square wave Solar Inverter model ‘UPS SLB’.

3. Lack of advanced features in Microtek UPS SLB solar

4. High Pricing

5. Unavailability of Solar PV modules from the company

  • Vishal

    Dear Admin,

    Will this combination work efficiently ?

    1. Microtek UPS SOLAR SS 1660VA 24 volt Rs. 8000/-

    2. Exide InvaGold 150 AH 12 volt (2 nos.) Rs. 34000/-
    3. 100 watt solar panel (2 nos.) Rs. 12000/-
    4. Charge controller 12volt 10 amp (2 nos.) Rs. 2000/-

    Total Rs. 56000/-

    Basically looking for my farm house wherein grid power is only available 14-16 hours daily.

    Thanks in advance
    Vishal B.

    • Admin

      Dear Vishal,
      Do not go for any cheap charge controllers and solar
      panels. Go branded

      Exide Inva Gold is good choice.

      Instead of Microtek solar Inverter, Consider the following configuration.
      Sukam 1500 VA shiny pure sine wave inverter – Rs.5700/ (online price) +
      Sukam SolarCon -Hybrid solar converter & charge controller – 24V 16 AMP – Rs.3500/- (online price)
      100 watt sukam solar panel (2 nos.200watts) Rs. 12000/- – online price +
      Two Exide Inva Master 150 AH tall tubular batteries – Rs.24000/-

      Total- Rs.45200/-

      Better you consider to increase the solar panel capacity to 500 watts in total to harvest more energy from sun. ……………………………………………….

      If you feel 200 watts will suffice your requirement, then you could opt in for the following 12Volt configuration

      Sukam shiny 850 VA inverter – Rs.4000/- Online price

      Sukam solarcon Hybrid charge controller 12V 16Amp – Rs. 3000/- online price
      One Exide Inva Master 150 ah tall tubular battery – Rs.12500/-

      Sukam 100watts x 3 solar panels (300 watts) – Rs.18000/-

      Total- Rs. 37,500/-

  • Admin

    Dear Tanmoy Kumar Das,
    We strongly recommend Sukam Solarcon, the most advanced hybrid charge controller in indian market.

    We have tested so many charge controllers available in market. We found Sukam Solacon as the most customizable and reliable automatic solar charge controller.

    It is not about saving some small amount of money while purchase. It is about your battery life and inverter life.

    You can go for any brand as you wish, this is our recommendation.

    Hope this helps!


  • deep sarkar

    Please confirm if this works without the solar panals initially only with battries … I am planning to add the panels after few months ?

  • arvind kumar

    why microtek ss 1660 show reversing in the night