How to Purchase Exide Battery Online ?

For the first time in India, Exide has launched it’s Online Battery Sales website. This revolutionary idea has been implemented by Exide to facilitate its customers buying experience.

With this Exide’s Online Battery shopping website, anyone from any part of the country can buy Exide batteries at lowest dealer Price. So, NO more cheating by dealers.

Normally , the price from some exide dealers are too high when compared to Exide’s Online Battery Mall website. So, with out any doubt , you can buy Exide batteries directly from Exide website at lowest price.

No Need to Pay Online !

Yes, its true. You don’t need to pay online for your Battery purchase from Exide website.

You just sign up with your Name, mail id and complete address for shipping

Then select the Battery model you like to buy, add to cart.

Then the site will ask you the shipping details, you select your state and city, then it will show you your nearest Exide dealers list,  you choose your nearest dealer from the list.

Then you confirm the Purchase with your complete shipping address. Exide will send this order details to the particular dealer by mail or fax immediately to the dealers near your home.

The Exide dealer near your house will call you and confirm your online order. Then he will deliver the Battery you ordered at your door step with Bill and collect the Money.

Smooth Transaction and no more hidden cost.

We tested this process personally and it is working fine.

Exide online Battery Purchase site

exide online purchase

Automobile Battery and Inverter Batteries are available online

At exide’s online store, all models of two wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler batteries are available. Some limited models of inverter batteries are also available.

At present, Exide inva tubular batteries are not available for online purchase, Only Exide’s semi tubular models ( Exide invertor Plus) are available now.

Inverter Battery models available online

Exide inverter plus – 135 AH – (FEI0-IN1350PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 150 AH – (FEI0-IN1500PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 165 AH – (FEI0-IN1650PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 180 AH – (FEI0-IN1800PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 200 AH – (FEI0-IN2000PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 100 AH – (FEI0-IN1000PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 88 AH – (FEI0-IN880PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 80 AH – (FEI0-IN800PLUS)

Exide inverter plus – 65 AH – (FEI0-IN650PLUS)

  • Jackson

    Exide Inva Tubular vs. Semi Tubular (Exide invertor Plus) for my situation?

    1) I plan to buy a Sinex 800VA/550W Hybrid (Solar/Grid) Sinewave IGBT based UPS/Inverter for use for home/home office. Do you have any positive or negative feedback on this brand/item? If negative, and I go without the solar option I am looking at Kevin or Su-kam UPS/Inverter, unless you have a better idea…

    Possible the battery will be inside the living space because we have no dedicated battery room, but there is a shaded semi-enclosed roofed area (open to the outside on one side) on our front porch (next to the front door which is often open for air ventilation) where the battery could go, but the temperature will be higher because the A/C is only for the living space. On the porch the temperature can reach nearly 40 degrees in April/May.

    1) I am concerned about the gases/fumes emitted by lead-acid batteries for health and inflammability. Does the Inva Tubular emit gases or is it sealed “low-maintenance”?

    2) Exide Invertor Plus claims Maintenance Free on their online Mall/store. Therefore I can keep it in the living space, correct? Is this a better choice for my need than Inva Tubular? Which would you recommend (Inva Tubular or Invertor Plus) and why?

    3) Do I need to be concerned about temperature for either type of battery? Especially for life span…

    To my understanding:
    Tubular batteries are not sealed and therefore would be better not in the living space.
    They are better for deep discharge (50%).

    Invertor Plus is sealed (SMF) and can be in the living space, but will have a shorter life span.
    They are not good for deep discharge and should not be drained more than 20% for optimum lifespan.

    Temperature is not a major concern for (Inva) Tubular batteries, but is more critical for SMF type batteries (such as Exide Inverter Plus).

    My understanding: For life span, and usage which drains the battery down sometimes deeply, it would be better to go with Inva Tubular and put it outside on the porch because of fumes/gases. If the 3 walled porch is still too enclosed and close to the living space, put the Tubular battery in a box on the porch vented by pipe to the outside. Benefits: less cost over time and more available power backup time for the same AH rating.

    Inverter Plus will cost more money over time due to shorter life span.
    If life span is not so important (and therefore cost), Inverter Plus benefits: simpler to maintain and place. No other real practical benefits. Negatives: less backup time for the same AH rating.

    Please correct me if I am wrong and advise.

    Kind Regards,


  • rajudiv

    hi Admin,
    How can i buy IT-500 battery online

    • admin

      Dear Raju,
      IT500 is not available for online purchase through official site, try with some third party battery selling websites.

  • Yash


    I was going to purchase Exide battery model Exide inverter plus – 150 AH – (FEI0-IN1500PLUS)but the result shows
    FEX0-MHD99: INR.8024, FEX0-EK60L: INR.5260 on

    Please suggest which battery model matches FEI0-IN1500PLUS.

    Second, Difference of Microtek inverter 600VA UPS and Sinewave inverter?

    I want to use the combination of Microtek inverter 600VA and Exide inverter plus – 150 AH.Please suggest if it is suitable for 4 members in a family and current price?

  • Pankaj Sharma

    The ExideReachout online mall does not work!!! Or I guess, the dealers are’nt keen to deliver the purchase order, when you purchase it online. I had ordered a battery for my Bike, but even after 1 months of placing the order, the battery has not been delivered to me and not even the dealer had tried to contact me even once.

  • Yaseen

    the exide online battery buy link is not working as of today 2013-01-26

    • admin

      Dear Yaseen,
      Thanks for informing, we have updated the link now.

  • Chandu

    sorry, not working online purchase
    Upon clicking our state in Map, it is showing error

    • admin

      Exide website works properly with Internet Explorer only. More over the site suffers downtime multiple times per day, so try with IE after some time.

  • Vineet B

    Hi, the online purchase for West Bengal is not working. I need suggestion for a 1.2KW off grid solar system that I’m trying to build. I need 163Ah or more at 48v battery, request to kindly suggest me one. I’m thinking of using Sukam Shiny 650 VA Inverter (Pure Sinewave).

  • Admin

    Yes, Exide online store is almost dead now-a-days, need to wait for some change from Exide.

    Try battery bhai . com

    We will post update on this article when Exide online battery shopping site comes back with some welcome change.