Exide Warranty Chart for Inva Tubular Inverter Batteries

Exide has wide range of Inverter batteries with different warranty types. Buyers often get confused with warranty periods and conditions, hence we decided to help them by publishing the complete warranty details about

  • Inva Queen
  • Inva Red and Inva Red+
  • Inva flat
  • Inva Tubular
  • Inva Gold and
  • Inva Safe


  • Rajendra

    dear sir/mam
    i want to know that when the tubular batter is not giving the backup and i want to change the water of the battery. will you give me the guidance of the battery for filling the acid and distilled water quantity to use on it.

    • admin

      Dear Rajendra,
      Do not try to fill acid to your battery yourself. All you need is to top up your battery with distilled water once in 3 months.

      If your battery lacks backup time, it should be tested by trained persons from battery shops only.

  • tom

    can exide 850va inverter be used with exide IT650(200Ah) battery

    • admin

      Dear Tom,
      Yes, you can connect Exide 850 VA inverter with IT650 (200AH), But one thing, if you suffer frequent and long power cuts, then your 200 AH battery will not get enough charge from 850 VA inverter.

      If you are a heavy user and you suffer more than 8 hrs per day, better you choose IT500 or IT550.

  • tom

    which one is a better battery SF sonic stantubular or exide invatubular

    • admin

      Dear Tom,
      SF sonic and ST are second grade low cost batteries from Exide.

      Among these three batteries, ‘Exide Invatubular’ surely wins the Race with unmatchable quality and reliability.

  • sunil kumar

    Pls tell me when Inva tubler IT500i will be available online

    • admin

      Dear Sunil kumar,
      As of now, it is not available for online purchase. Due to heavy demand it is not available for online purchase.

  • Maheshq

    i have been using sukam 850 and 200ah exide battery. i am getting backup of 4 an hour time daily for 3 multipc computer.(lcd). Question is my battery water level is going down .it is around 7 month or may be more.but its giving performance still. but i only knew today that it shud be filled within 3 months. now wht shud i do? will it damage the battery because of time i ve ignored? or shud i fill something other mixure of acid?

    • Maheshq

      and another question is – will it decrease the performance of my battery above after filling distill water?

    • admin

      Dear Mahesh,
      Don’t delay anymore, just fill a quality distilled water, strictly distilled water only.

      Your batteries performance remains same, don’t worry.

      • maheshq

        thankyou for ur last suggestion. i m confused why these 2 terminals are only getting low in water out of 6 terminals.is that any problem?

        one of my friend has same spec of invertor. last time his battery made explosion. which was really danger.it occurs in the mid night . so no one got injured. afterwards,I think he got the new battery from exide company. freely
        . what makes it explosion . i am feeling very unsafe since i listened this news.

        • admin

          Dear Mahesh,
          Over charging the battery by faulty inverter is the primary reason for battery explosion, that is why we are recommending some particular brands and models of Inverter to our readers.

          Frequent loss of water in battery indicates that the battery is often overcharged by inverter.

          Some people don’t use water level indicator caps in battery cells, and they close the battery cell vents tightly with vent caps provided with battery. This kind of practice is dangerous and unsafe, one should use the water level indicator vent caps which allow gasses to pass through it.

          • Mahesh Shakya

            sir. i have a problem . since last 3 month i didnt check the battery . but suddenly today morning 2 terminals(indicator) of my battery were exploded itself. and when i tried to change it, cracked and half plastic materials were entered into the battery. i could n’t pick out that. and when i forcefully pick out the cracked terminals. i found they are burnt like black . what’s the problem?

  • maheshq

    how to know the pure distilled water?

    • admin
      • maheshq

        i think we dont have such kinda device here. .i just bought distilled water from battery shop . i dont know but they said it has been the best and used for every kind of battery. my battery absorbed two bottle of dis water. i am recharging it. i hope it will work. thank you very much for ur valuable suggetion.

  • sushil

    pls recomnd me which battery should i buy for back of 2fan 2tube & 01 LCD with TATA Sky.

    • admin

      Dear Sushil,
      We recommend Exide Tall tubular ‘IT500’ 150 ah battery with 850 va Pure sinewave inverter (Microtek UPS SEBz850 or Sukam Shiny 850va)

  • sunil

    Hi, I have load of around 600 watts max..I have used luminous 875 va inverter with 200ah exide tubular battery…is the combination ok to get me back up for 3 hours at the least? And also what is the full charging time of the battery for this scenario?
    Thank you…

    • admin

      Dear Sunil,
      Your battery backup time will go down if you use all your gadgets simultaneously, continuous use of 600 watts load with 875VA inverter is not recommended. Even though you use 200 ah battery you won’t get better backup time.

      Battery charging time for 200 ah tubular battery connected to 875 va inverter is approximately 12 hours.

      Charging time may vary according to the age of your battery. Normal and High charging mode also has a impact on charging time.

    • Pranjal

      Please correct me if I am wrong but 600W X 3h= 1800Wh
      1800/12V= 150Ah double that for 50 percent DOD and add 50% of original to be safe. =375Ah 12V for 3 hour backup
      also your inv has a rating of 700W considering 0.8 power factor so as Admin rightly suggested do not switch them all on simultaneously

  • anil kumar

    I want 850 microtek e2 inverter and exide 150ah tubular battery, please tel me price list.

    • admin

      Dear Anil Kumar,
      We recommend Microtek UPS SEBz 850 VA or Microtek UPS SW E2 875 VA inverter, Both model would cost around Rs.5000/-

      We recommend sine wave inverter models only, confirm it with your dealer.

      Exide original 850 va Inverter (not ceil inverter) with LCD display also performs well, consider this model too.

      Exide has very wide range of Tubular battery models,

      we recommend
      The best seller and best performer ‘Exide IT500’ Invatubular 150 ah Tall battery – Rs.13800 to 14,500/-