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Exide Invertor Plus Battery Official Price List – Aug 2013


Exide has announced price hike for ‘Invertor Plus’ model and all other battery models, this is due to severe decline in rupee value against American dollar.

Exide ‘Invertor Plus’ series is the most famous, affordable, best seller and best performer battery of its class. This price hike will definitely show some negative impact in sales, though Exide has no choice and declining rupee value against dollar is the main reason for this price hike.

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How much Price Hike?

5 to 6 % price hike has been imposed on all battery models.

For example – Online Price of Exide Invertor plus 200 ah battery

Before price hike – Rs.18, 787/-

After Price hike – Rs.19, 914/-


Exide slashed the Old Battery buy back Price

For Example:

Old Battery Rebate (Buy back) Price for ‘Invertor Plus’ 135ah battery slashed from Rs.2165/- to Rs.2000/-.

Similarly Exide has slashed the Old  battery buy back price for all models.

Note: This is official Price list from Exide (exidereachout). Not the final price, All battery dealers will offer some discount up to 10% on this guideline price. So beware, the retail price will be 10% less than the price listed below.

Official Price List of Exide Invertor Plus model battery series – August 2013

Exide Battery Model

Amp Rating


Price (inclusive of all taxes)
New battery Price and Old battery Buy back Price


135 AH

2 years

Rs. 12,306.00 – New
Rs.-2,000.00 – Old


150 AH

2 years

Rs.13,536.00 – New
Rs.-2,170.00 – Old


165 AH

2 years

Rs.18,172.00– New
Rs.-2,390.00 – Old


180 AH

2 years

Rs.18,969.00 – New
Rs. -2,515.00 – Old


200 AH

2 years

Rs.19,914.00  – New
Rs.-2,690.00 – Old


100 AH

24 months

Rs.9,665.00  – New
Rs.-1,505.00 – Old


88 AH

24 months

Rs.7,765.00– New
Rs.-1,335.00 – Old


80 AH

18 months

Rs.7,569.00 – New
Rs.-1,260.00 – Old


65 AH

24 months

Rs.6,535.00 – New
Rs.-1,020.00 – Old