10 Things to consider before buying Solar Panels for Home


Here we are going to list out some points to consider before buying solar panels for small homes.

Normally Solar Panel installations from 100 watt – 500 watts are considered as small solar panel setup. For small solar panel setup, people usually want to cut the cost wherever it is possible.

But this cost cutting should not affect the quality of the whole setup.


For achieving ‘Economic’ as well as ‘Quality’ setup, we recommend following the instructions given below.

# a twelve volt Solar panel’s maximum voltage output at peak sun hours should be above 17 volts

# Check for MNRE approval or buy from MNRE approved company’s dealer

# Better you make sure that you have good non-shadowed space for installation in your home; Even Partial shading on solar panels may lead to severe drop in performance.

# Choose the correct gauge of wire for your setup, under sized wire may lead to over-heat, energy loss and cause damage to your charge controllers.

# Try to install solar panels in dust-free space or you might have to clean the panel surface regularly for best performance. Dust accumulation might hinder the solar panels performance severely.

# If you want to cut the cost, ask for polycrystalline solar panels and PWM charge controller to your dealer.

# Good quality polycrystalline solar panels are available @ Rs.45/watt (that means 100watts solar panel would cost around Rs.4500)

# Good quality Mono crystalline solar panels would cost around Rs.60/watt. Polycrystalline solar panels are affordable and recommended for small homes

# Use C10 rated batteries or Solar Batteries for best performance

# Minimize the distance between solar panels and battery bank as much as possible to avoid energy loss and excess wire cost. Normally there will be 3% energy loss if the battery bank is 10 meter away from solar panel array, the loss will be much higher when the distance increase.

We Hope all the above mentioned points will help you in buying solar panels for your home. Drop your comments and post your own experience to help other readers to choose the right setup for their home. Thank you!

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    • Admin

      Thank you very much for your encouragement!

      We will get back to you with answers for your previous query.

  • Admin

    Dear GRS,
    1 Fan – 80 watts
    10 CFL (10w) – 100 watts

    Total load = 180 watts approx.
    we would recommend 250 watts solar panels for your load preference, with 250 watts solar panels you could run your appliances completely with solar power.

    But your budget is too tight to afford 250 watts of solar panels.

    So, as an alternative configuration, we would like to recommend.

    100 watts solar panel (12v) – Rs.4500/-
    10 amp Sukam solar charge controller – Rs.800
    Exide invertor Plus 88ah battery – Rs.6800/-
    Microtek 600 va sinewave inverter – Rs.3500/-

    Installation – Rs.2000/-

    Total cost – Rs.17,600/-

    100 watts panel is useful when you face long power cuts like 13 to 15 hours per day.

    This configuration will serve you better than any other non-solar inverter.

    Some solar installers would not install manual changeover switch to toggle between solar panel charging and grid power charging for 600 va inverters.

    we recommend to install manual change over switch for battery charging.

    If you limit your load to 80 watts during day time, you could use the solar power completely by turning off the grid power supply to inverter.

    To understand about this switch installation, read this post


    Solar charge controllers with automatic change over function is also available in the market, costs little more than normal one.

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      Thank you sir.
      Sir please tell me a good and affordable 110ah battery and total solar inverter without grid power.
      I want to use with only solar power so what would the price?

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    Dear GRS,
    Solar Midi is a solar charge controller + converter, which is used for converting a normal sinewave or square wave inverter into solar inverter,

    Solar Midi is an additional equipment for a normal inverter,

    Normal inverter + solar MIdi = Solar inverter

    Hope this helps!

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    Dear Nome,
    You should mention the exact capacity of your A/C, so that we could calculate your load preference.

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    Can I know how much kva required to work, 3 split ac(1.5 ton) and refrigerator with solar (off grid). how much it cost?